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‘Even Day Out’ for ‘Odd Day Out’ readers and fans

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Doris Fisher is a Kingwood resident and author of books that inspire children to love math and numbers, which is not always an easy task. But with her third book, “My Even Day,” Fisher helps teachers instill that love in children all across the country. “Children have wonderfully original concepts of their lives and how things work. The concepts can be factual, fantasy, funny, or total confusion, but whatever it is, they love to learn more, and discover the world around them,” said Fisher. She explained that her inspiration came from her work as a teacher. Fisher said that she felt she had picture books playing and romping in her head after reading them to her kindergarten classes every day. Fisher, who once was a banker, became a kindergarten teacher in the Tulsa Public Schools and knew that was where she wanted to be - helping children. She has now published a companion to her second wacky, rhyming book “One Odd Day”, titled “My Even Day,” another whimsical, rhyming book, this time about even numbers. Both of these books were written with Dani Sneed who lives in Atascocita and attended children’s books writing seminars with Fisher. “One Odd Day” received great reviews which inspired Fisher to write her new book of numbers. According to a review by DeAnn Okamura of San Mateo County Library in California, “One Odd Day” has rhyming text that flows smoothly: I bounced on polka dot bus number nine, thinking my class in school would look fine. More excitement fills Fisher’s new book. “My Even Day” is available at the Sylvan Dell Web site, at Barnes & Noble,, or e-mailing Fisher at For more information, visit Fisher’s Web site at Look for “My Even Day’s” book launch at Gayle’s Hallmark in Kingwood’s Town Center on Sept. 22, from 2-4 p.m. Sneed and Fisher will both be there to sign and read their books. Fisher plans to continue her exploration of numbers with a fourth book called “My Half Day. ” The book features fun with fractions and will be released in September 2008.

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