Mayor Merle Aaron congratulates City Secretary Jenny Page on her recent recertification. Photo by Courtney Nelson

There will be an election in Humble this May. In many years, the city cancels their election because there are no opponents to those running. But this year, Mayor Merle Aaron has drawn an opponent.

At its Feb. 14 meeting, the city council approved a general election to be held May 4 for the purpose of electing a mayor and two city councilmembers.

Seats open for this election are:

Mayor Merle Aaron-incumbent, is being challenged by Arliss Bentley.

Place 1:
Charles “Andy” Curry-incumbent, is unopposed.

 Place 2:
Glenn E. Redmon is unopposed. Long-time Place 2 Councilmember Ray Calfee decided not to run for re-election this year.

The election will be administered by the Harris County Elections Division and held jointly with Humble ISD. The city and the school district will share a polling location at City Hall.

Unopposed candidates’ names will appear on the ballot, but will be sworn in as elected after the election regardless of the number of votes they receive due to being unopposed.

The council approved several one-year appointments which began January 2019 and will end December 2019. Councilman David Pierce has been appointed to the Beautification Committee, Councilman Andy Curry was appointed to the Animal Shelter Advisory Board, and Mayor ProTem Norman Funderburk and Assistant Fire Chief Al Taska were both appointed to the Insurance and Benefits Committee.

The council passed an ordinance which makes vaping in certain enclosed areas within the city limits illegal. City Manager Jason Stuebe said, “This came to us from several businesses that were asking if vaping is considered part of the smoking ordinance since many other cities have made vaping part of their smoking ordinance.”

Stuebe also recommended that the agreement for tax collection services between Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson, LLP and the city be extended. He said, “Linebarger has been serving as a collection agent for Humble, Texas for several years now and we’re pretty happy with their services and I would recommend approval of the contract to continue that relationship.”

Speaking of relationships, the one between City Secretary Jenny Page and the City of Humble will be extended as Aaron took a moment to surprise Page with special recognition for her recent accomplishment. “I just want to recognize our city secretary; she recertified and has a great letter of recommendation. She apparently put in a lot of hours and a lot of time and did very well, so we thank you for your effort. We are very proud of you,” said Aaron.

The city’s 39th Good Oil Days Festival will be April 5-6, beginning with a street dance Friday night, and followed by the free festival Saturday. Councilman David Pierce moved to approve the proposal and said, “I move that we grant the request of the Good Oil Days Committee; close the streets and have a street dance and a festival on Saturday.”

Courtney Slater-Nelson
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