A local rowing club, currently operating out of Cedar Landing on the Huffman side of the FM 1960 bridge over Lake Houston, presented a proposal to relocate its boats and facilities to Kingwood’s River Grove Park.

The idea was presented to the Kingwood Service Association (KSA) Parks Committee at its Feb. 7 meeting by Kingwood residents Cristina and Daniel Udeanu, representing the rowing club. Cristina provided a written handout containing two options and explained the request.

She said, “We would like to move our rowing club to River Grove Park. What we have proposed are two options. What we need for the rowing club is a floating dock with a ramp and then a storage area for the boats.”

The first option is to locate the floating dock next to the park’s existing boat ramp and create the storage area nearby, but not at the expense of the parking areas for boats or the playground area directly across the parking lot. The second option is to locate the floating dock and ramp on the opposite shore and adjacent to the park’s athletic fields. Boat storage would be nearby on that side of the shore.

After hearing explanations of the proposals, many questions were raised by committee members about details that would need to be worked out before such a proposal could be approved. They included uses of the ramp and dock equipment being made available to other users of the park besides rowing club members, even though the members would pay for the facility and its maintenance, insurance and liability issues. Concern was also expressed about flooding since the area has been flooded so many times in the recent past.

The Udeanus explained that they are in the process of becoming a nonprofit organization and that the plan was for the facilities to be made available for use by Kingwood residents in addition to club members. They explained that members usually use the facilities to practice and workout in the very early morning hours and in the late evenings, so there would be plenty of time for others to use the floating dock for their kayaks, canoes and small boats.

As a result of the discussion, Dee Price, speaking for the committee, said, “We need to work with you outside of this meeting because there are issues in both proposals.” She said there were serious questions regarding locating the proposed dock in the middle of a major drainage area that chronically floods.

Price proposed scheduling a meeting, saying, “We really need to meet and work out all of the issues, including the permitting requirements with the [Army] Corps of Engineers.” Both the committee and the Udeanus agreed to meet in the near future.

In other business, the committee authorized the expenditure of $10,000 to clean up, repair and upgrade the trails in Kingwood’s East End Park, which were all affected by Hurricane Harvey. The work will be extensive and details in the job specifications include work in all areas of the park.

Bob Rehak of Kings Forest reported that the dredging on the San Jacinto River is 45 percent complete but that an issue exists regarding how to best address the “mouthbar” project that is a big part of the overall dredging effort.

Rehak also reported that the Army Corps of Engineers had received over 400 letters from residents and interested parties regarding the request for a public hearing on the proposed Romerica high-rise project in the Barrington Village area. He explained that there is also a possibility that original residential deed restrictions on parts of the property may have been missed over years of deed transfers that prohibit much of the proposal as envisioned. He said, “In any event, it could be a deal killer right there.”

Ethel McCormick of Kingwood Association Management reported feral hog sightings increased significantly in both January and in the first week of February. She asked everyone to emphasize to their homeowners association members the importance of reporting sighting on the KSA website to help the hired hog hunter identify the right areas where the hogs are being seen. That website is kingwood serviceassociation.org. The Feral Hog Report form is prominently located on the opening page.

The next KSA Parks meeting will be Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. at the South Woodland Hills Community Room, 2030 Shadow Rock Drive. The public is invited to attend.

Bruce Olson
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