Marine volunteers gave up their time to help K9 Airlift.

On Saturday, April 27, members of Women Marines Association TX-7, Opha May Johnson Chapter, volunteered at The Rescue Barn, a local 501(c)(3), nonprofit farm animal rescue. They were accompanied by friends and family to assist K9 Airlift founders, Lynne and David Jennings, at their barn in Huffman. 

These industrious volunteers got down and dirty as they mucked stalls, hauled downed limbs to a fire pit, fed animals, reorganized the shed and a host of other chores. The burros offered up their thanks for the work by lining up at the fence and rendering an a capella serenade. The male turkey, Geronimo, showed off by puffing up his feathers and gobbling at everyone.

The event culminated with a wonderful barbecue lunch provided by the volunteers. Again, the burros lined up at the fence to sing the song of their people and beg for food scraps.

The rescue barn residents include horses, burros, goats, sheep, a pot-belly pig, rabbits, turkeys, chickens and a feral cat colony.

One lady Marine donated a small chest freezer to the farm. The freezer will be used to freeze water bottles to keep the 12 resident rabbits cool this summer. The rescue barn is in need of old towels, knives, scissors and can openers. Lynne Jennings is the director of K9 Airlift and can be reached at 713-854-9080. Kudos to the Marines and their friends and family who stepped up – “Oohrah!”

The farm is home to rescued horses, burros and Geronimo, the turkey, is a favorite among the animals at the farm.