Texas is the second-ranked state in the nation among states where educated Americans are moving, according to a newly released study.

Researchers at MagnifyMoney, a LendingTree brand, analyzed the latest migration data and tracked the number of educated Americans (those with at least a bachelor's degree) who moved across state lines to find the top states educated Americans are moving to and fleeing from. Some findings:

- Texas ranks No. 2 nationwide, with a net gain of 14,433 bachelor degree-holding workers. Dallas is the most popular city educated workers are moving to in Texas.

- Florida is the biggest winner with a net gain of nearly 19,000 bachelor degree-holding workers, with the Orlando metro area emerging as the biggest draw.

- Arizona also took a top spot, with Phoenix servings as the most popular relocation spot within the state.

- Among the states educated workers are fleeing are New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Wisconsin, according to the analysis.

- The Lone Star State boasts a median household income of about $57,000 per year, the report details, and it has an overall unemployment rate of just 3.8%. Its housing costs for renters are also a bit cheaper than the No. 1 state on this list, coming in at $952 per month.

"It's also worth noting that Austin was the third most-popular destination for millennials on the move, according to our ranking of millennial boomtowns," researchers wrote.

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