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Meet Our Staff

All staff members can be contacted by e-mail using their first initial and last name.
Email addresses for the columnists are located in their biographies.

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Publisher and CEO: Cynthia Calvert
Chief Operations Officer: Larry Shiflet

Diane Blanco Columnist Bryan R. Kimbro Sports Editor
Karen Boughton Columnist
Tom Broad Columnist Kate Ebbs Editorial Assistant
Wilson Calvert Columnist Sharon Thames Editorial Assistant
Aaron Clevenson Columnist Meredith Mann Editorial Assistant
David Dickson Columnist
David Escobar Columnist Lynn Fields Community Liasion
Dixie Frantz Columnist
Buddy Hicks Columnist Patsy Oliver Senior Marketing Consultant
Danielle Schaaf Columnist Colleen Burns Marketing Consultant
Tom Broad Correspondent Lawrence Kuslich Marketing Consultant
Trilla Cook Correspondent Chris Parker Marketing Consultant
Erich Eisenach Correspondent Linda Wolter Marketing Consultant
Macie Harper Correspondent
Jacque Havelka Correspondent Lam Nguyen Circulation Director
Susan McFarland Correspondent
Bruce Olson Correspondent Cheryl Donatto Creative Services Director
Glenn Sattell Correspondent Ricardo Gonzalez, Jr. Art Director
Hector Espinosa Graphic Artist

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