Hi Neighbor Club-Kingwood is a dynamic, popular women's organization with much to offer. A great deal of talent and cooperation goes on "behind the scenes" to make this phenomenal club successful. Members of the board of directors met recently at the home of President Sherran Domescik, where the year's planning took place. Each person has her own responsibilities for the success of the 450-plus membership club. From left, back row: Kay Caffey, publicity; Lee Ann Sprick, 1st vice president; Leslie Sarmiento, publisher, whose responsibility is the club's directory; Tammy Holekamp, social director, who organizes the style shows, reserves the venues, and decorates the tables at the luncheons; Diana Van Horn, new member coffee chair; Mary Ann Lapeze, special events co-chair, whose responsibility is the Holiday Bazaar; Karyn Webb, membership sign-in; Debbie Campbell, treasurer and webmaster assistant; Linda Plesko, webmaster chair; Claire Garrett, programs co-chair for all the monthly luncheons; and Margret Ayers, advertising. Front row: Nancy Foisner, special events co-chair, whose responsibility is the auction/raffle for charity, and Heartbeat Bear U.S.O. Ambassador; Susan Soderquist, reservations co-chair and newsletter publisher; Sherran Domescik, president; Ruth Ann Koza, parliamentarian; Vicki Gibbs, programs co-chair; and Margie Nicolai, membership chair. These ladies are just some of the women "behind the scenes." There are others that were unable to attend the social and business meeting. More remarkable women do their part in making this a welcoming, active club. A New Member Coffee, open to anyone interested in joining this organization, will take place Thursday, Aug. 24, 10 a.m., at the Kingwood Community Center, 4102 Rustic Woods Dr. Meet some officers, who will give a short orientation on the club and serve coffee, juice and pastries. To make a reservation, contact Diane Van Horn at 281-788-3351, Judy Miles at 281-381-3934, or Nadine Jenkins at 432-940-7777. Visit hineighborkingwood.com for club information.