Is three a special number? In the case of Kingwood Bible Church’s mission trip this summer to the Czech Republic, it is. This was the third summer that Kingwood Bible Church has sent a team to help staff the English camp sponsored by the Zizkov Church of Prague. While Michelle Craig, chairperson of the missions Committee, was returning for her third English camp, this summer her daughter MacKenzie and her mother Joanie joined her, making three generations from the same family on this mission trip. Last summer Craig’s son Alex participated in the mission outreach as well.

Another member of the Czech team, Glenn Taylor, who is the chairman of the KBC Elder Board, participated in the English camp for his third summer. Each of the past two summers he took one of his two daughters with him; this summer his wife Shelley joined him.

A third member of the team, Melanie Kozarsky, also returned for her third year. This summer she took her husband Rene and their two children, Jacob and Alexandra, who celebrated her ninth birthday at camp.

Each summer the camp has grown in attendance — from 50-some campers the first year to 80 or so the second year to 130 campers this third summer. The English camp is a major outreach for the Zizkov Church as they reach out to their non-believer friends, neighbors and coworkers. 

During the school year, the church members offer English classes in their church building in Prague as a way to minister to a largely atheistic population in Prague. In the English classes at the church as well as at the camp, spiritual content is included in the stories used for reading practice and discussion. In the evenings at the camp, Christian songs are sung in English with translation into Czech, and a testimony is given by Zizkov Church members and representatives of the American team with translation provided during the sharings.

This year’s team from Kingwood Bible Church included team leader Autumn Black, James, Logan, and Arieana Black; Glenn and Shelley Taylor; Michelle and MacKenzie Craig; Joanie Smith; Melanie, Rene, Jacob, and Alexandra Kozarsky; and Susie and John Sellner.