When Constable Mark Herman took office in 2015, he created a newly formed Special Operations unit within his patrol division. The unit was formed to aid in a modern law enforcement approach to the ever changing crime and vehicle mobility patterns throughout Precinct 4. The Special Operation unit started with 4 deputies, and in 2 years has grown to a total of 9 deputies.

The Constable’s Office has a group of Crime Analysts that analyze current and historical crime and motor vehicle data throughout Precinct 4. Through the computer data gathered, crime analyst are able to forecast crime and potential traffic mobility issues by means of a variety of statistical techniques.

This allows our Crime Analyst to collaborate with patrol resources to approach these issues in a proactive method. This modern police approach has proven very successful in north Harris County and in 2017 alone, the Special Operations unit has made a significant impact on crime and mobility.

This modern law enforcement approach in the month of December 2017, allowed our agency to make a total of 117 Driving While Intoxicated arrests in Precinct 4. There were No traffic accidents reported to our office involving drunk drivers. It is our conclusion, we took the impaired drivers off our streets before an accident occurred, injuring or killing our citizens.

Just recently the Special Operations unit received a Unit Citation for their work and success through Predictive Analytics and Crime Analysis management on both crime and vehicle mobility in Precinct 4. Special Operations Unit Statistics for 2017:

Felony arrests 144
Misdemeanor arrest 228
Criminal warrant arrest 589
Seized currency $81,462.00
Recovered stolen property $91,238.00
Traffic citations 7,198
Solicitors in roadway 851