Daniel is as enthusiastic as one can be while filming one of his podcasts.

Many of us are unfortunate enough to struggle with finding our passions in life, often switching majors as students and career paths as adults. For one local student, however, these predicaments seem to be behind him. Daniel Webster, 13, of Timberwood Middle School, has found his passion at quite an early age – science.

His interest in science originated from the colorful space books that many of us view as children, but Daniel decided to take this curiosity a step further. According to Daniel, he began reading “five to six books a week, a process almost equivalent to osmosis.” His newborn enthusiasm for science led him to ask himself, “What if I, Daniel Webster, at the age of 13, wrote and published my own science book?” So, he said, “One day I logged into my school email and started typing all the facts I knew.”

His speculation turned into reality as he wrote and published his first book, “Basics to Understanding Space, Quantum Particles, and Physics.” This process was not without trial. Daniel said, “A major setback came upon me … I had lost access to my book because my school account was reset. I was devastated.” He did not give in, however, and was able to recover his work.

His book covers aspects of science such as evolution, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Bohr’s Theory of Quantum Mechanics, and super-string theory.

The complex theoretical and mathematical intricacies of these subjects typically enter the field of academia at the advanced placement (AP)/college level, making Daniel’s intellectual mastery over these scientific fields at such an early age rather impressive. His accomplishments, however, have not ceased with the writing of a singular book. Daniel went on to write and publish his second book, “Nature’s Destination,” which dives into the realm of cosmology, the scientific field that is dedicated to studying the origins of the universe.

Daniel’s ardor has pushed him to open several podcasts, one of which can be accessed at facebook.com/Ivsciences, in which he answers cutting-edge questions from users that cover all fields of science. Questions range on matters such as white holes, which are a theoretical attribution of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity to anti-matter, which, as Daniel said, “can propel an object to a speed faster than light upon a collision with regular matter,” although this is purely theoretical. Additionally, he has collaborated with other science enthusiasts and created his own website, scientficelitegroup.com. Daniel is not done, however, as he said his next goal is to create his own science TV show.

Perhaps no one can be more proud of Daniel than his mother, Alicia, who said, “Daniel is an amazing innovator. I feel my age because I can’t keep up with his brain power! He inspires me to think differently about technology, resources and science on a daily basis. I believe he was born to shine, I just didn’t realize he could accomplish it so young.”

Daniel is a testament to other youth; his accomplishments demonstrate that at any age, so long as one dedicates the time and effort, one may pursue their passion and acquire impressive results.

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