When I decided to run for the District E seat on Houston City Council, I knew I would have an uphill battle against an incumbent, even if only a one-term incumbent. But I grew up in a family that believed it was important to serve your community. And I have served communities – first in Oklahoma, and now here where I make my home – because I believe I can make a difference in the way things are done. As an attorney, I have spent my professional life looking at both sides of issues. I have methodically studied every aspect and, when necessary, worked with others to accomplish positive outcomes. I believe that in order to be a good public servant, you must listen to others and truly care about them and their issues. Personal ambition or ego-driven efforts have no place in the realm of public service. Working as part of a team on the Houston City Council is paramount to accomplishing the goals that District E constituents expect. You must have the respect of the other council members and earn their support and votes on issues important to our district. People seem to believe that incumbents are untouchable and, very often, they vote for the name they recognize, whether they are familiar with their record or not. But it is important to learn about all candidates, comparing their qualities, their philosophies, and even looking at the way they work with others, in order to make an informed decision. I hope that voters can see the differences between me and the incumbent and recognize that I can provide the leadership and respectful service that our families deserve and expect. I am a conservative, pro-business, family-oriented husband and father whose primary goal is to work for our community, making sure we receive the services we need and that the infrastructure necessary to a high quality of life is in place in District E. Some of the priorities I have are: • Relieve traffic congestion and increase safety by creating better traffic flow and work on increasing mobility within the district. • Increase drainage measures and reduce flooding by proactively managing infrastructure, green space and future development. • Provide our police and fire departments with the necessary staffing and resources they need and deserve as they serve our community. • Eliminate wasteful spending and provide overburdened taxpayers with relief from tax increases. • Stop creating new debt to pay current obligations and set conservative standards for revenue projections to prevent future $100 million budget shortfalls. • Create a business-friendly environment by eliminating over-reaching, prohibitive ordinances that impede or prevent business growth, and streamlining the permitting process. • Create an atmosphere of true accessibility and accountability to the citizens of District E, with a true open-door policy and frequent contact. I believe that public service is a team effort, and I value the input I receive from our friends and neighbors across District E. I respectfully ask for your vote of confidence in the Nov. 3, City Council elections. Together, we can work to make District E the best place in which to do business and raise a family. Wayne Garrison Candidate for Houston City Council, District E Look for Kathy Parks’ articles in the coming weeks, profiling both candidates for Houston City Council District E.

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