Dear Editor:

The liberal left and their media support are not interested in illegal surveillance of  Trump campaign members before, or even after, the election and continue to do everything in their power to avoid reporting on this criminal activity. They keep going back to the claimed Russian influence on the election, even though nothing has been found and so verified by the top officials, Clapper, Brennan and Comey, on television following months of investigation. Former DNC operative Dr. Farkas admitted ongoing surveillance activity of the Trump campaign team on live television and warned the DNC party to preserve this data for fear the new administration would destroy it once in office! An Obama top advisor, Susan Rice, was found out to be the person that unmasked the names of the Trump personnel; however, when asked on live media if she had done so, she said she knew nothing about it! Rice, who has a history of being less than truthful, later came around to admit that sure enough, she was the person that asked for the surveillance information and unmasked it so she could understand what they were talking about. Can you even imagine the liberal left DNC, or their media supporters,’outrage if this had been the Bush Administration monitoring the Obama team members during his campaign? This would have been Watergate II, but because it was being done by the DNC, it’s water under the bridge! America, is this the best we can expect from our media or our justice system?

Sid B. Nice




Dear Editor:

It was a stone wall! I was in attendance at last week’s school board meeting and was shocked that the board members would not answer seemingly simple questions. They didn’t even acknowledge the questions that Bob Rehak asked. I can only describe it as arrogance! I hope you will join me in supporting Bob Rehak, Christopher Herron and Abby Whitmire in their campaign to replace the insular, arrogant incumbents. The questions asked were about items on the agenda and therefore board members were allowed to respond. There was the question about the hiring of a consultant, Jenny Henry, for one month for a fee of $34,950. Bob wanted to know why she was going to be hired, why she was worth so much, and why no one else already in the district could perform her service. Then there were the questions about the $2,034,000 roofing project at Kingwood Park High School to be awarded to Sea-Breeze Roofing. Among the questions Bob asked, and did not get an answer for, were: What were the other six bids, why was Sea-Breeze considered the “best value,” what was Armko paid as a consultant, and why were they necessary? Bob asked that these items, and others, not be voted on until the public had a chance to review them. They were all approved that night. What would you call that? But the topper to me was what Bob found on page 480 of the August 2016 board packet in a chart titled Revised Annual Estimates for 2016-17. The most recent approved estimate for the item was $30,000 and the revised, $220,000, a 633 percent increase. The reason for the increase was not explained at the meeting. The item? Ice cream!

Ted Mandel




Dear Editor:

I’ve known Abby Whitmire for over 10 years. She’s a devoted mother, wife, and wonderful friend. I was extremely excited when Abby informed me she was running for Humble ISD School Board Position 4. Having two children who will be attending public school here in Kingwood, I know Abby is the right person for the job! Abby has spent her professional career working to help children, especially with regard to education. As a community we are extremely fortunate she has decided to bring this passion home, and work on our school board. One of Abby’s many skills is clear communication. I have witnessed her gather information from multiple parties, share all the information, and then work with others involved to make a decision. Abby then provided feedback to all parties involved to convey why the decision was made. Due to all our recent school board events, both good and bad, I feel this is a skill which would be beneficial on the school board from a parent’s point of view. Above anything else, I feel Abby should be on our school board because she cares. A few months ago a friend of a friend of a friend (someone Abby never met) had a child stranded at Bush Airport due to a cancelled flight. Hearing of the situation, Abby cancelled her plans, put her 3-year-old son Will in the car, and hustled up to the airport. She gave the child money for lunch, and a big hug to comfort them (my children love these Mamma Abby hugs)! In our house we have a motto - “Do the Right Thing.” My wife Ashley and I will both vote for Abby Whitmire on May 6 because we’re confident she’ll do the right thing for our school board, our schools and our children. We encourage you to do the same.

Matthew Logan




Dear Editor:

I want to take a few brief moments to explain why I am voting for Abby Whitmire in the upcoming Humble ISD school board election on May 6, 2017. I have two children; one is currently in the district and the other will be in less than two years. We moved to Kingwood for the amazing schools and community. I come from a long line of public school and private school educators and to be quite frank, I still consider myself a bit of a novice on the topic of school board functioning. However, after the announcement of bringing a highly controversial superintendent from DCSD, the parents from DCSD taking the time to reach out to parents in Humble ISD via social media, the increasingly insulting backlash or alternatively complete silence and annoyance from the school board when questioned by their own constituents who voted them into this position, the rose-colored glasses fell off, so to say, to the extent at one point hearing a board member saying “comprehension is the problem,” during a 4-hour filibuster. It is my understanding that the school board is a volunteer position, elected by the taxpayers of the district, therefore answering to the taxpayers of the district. Surely they (the board members) didn’t believe comprehension was a problem when I regretfully voted them into place, but I digress. I am a proud conservative, and yet I crave change. Abby Whitmire stands for everything that I crave in a school board member. She breathes fresh air into what was starting to look like a dismal future of the current board and plans for our district. Abby is what this district needs, who I want fighting for our kids at the heart of the district, and most importantly, what I believe my kids need, she is an advocate. She is authentic in her speech and sincere in her approach that even though every answer may not be immediate or easy to provide, she will work tirelessly to find the answer, rather than ignore a question or sling insults. She genuinely cares about the kids and the teachers of this district. She plans to meet with as many teachers as possible to find out how the school board can better support them. To the core, she is transparent, approachable and authentic. She is taking the time to understand the concerns of parents and teachers in the district, listening and jotting down their ideas, concerns, and hopes for our children. I can only speak for myself when I say those are the most important reasons why I proudly support Abby Whitmire for Position 4 in the upcoming May election. 

Robyn Dukehart




Dear Editor:

This will be my first time voting in the Humble ISD school board election. My son is a kindergarten student, and I moved here two years ago. The summer before the 2016-2017 school year started, I learned the current superintendent was leaving and his replacement caused a firestorm in the community, to say the least. The way the board handled the community’s feedback was shocking. Only one current board member responded to my email. The tone the board took at the school board meetings was upsetting. I met Abby Whitmire before she decided to run after one of the board meetings. She was very passionate about the future of our district, and she was very nice and welcoming to me being a stranger to her and a new resident in the area. I was very excited to hear her announcement of plans to run for the school board. Abby promises to be transparent which has not been the case recently. At a recent board meeting, when asked why so many new hires are coming from Douglas County schools, the board refused to answer the question. Abby promises to support keeping public funds in our school district. If we allocate money to charter schools and the like, what happens to our public schools, will we lose good teachers, will the quality of our schools deteriorate, will property values go down? There are too many questions and not enough promises from our current board. Abby promises to support teachers and give them the resources they need. Some of these classrooms are way overcrowded, and they need help and should not be scared to ask for it. I’m really excited about her candidacy and truly believe she will make a difference for Humble ISD children.

Katena Keno 




Dear Editor:

That rusted hulk of a railroad bridge over the San Jacinto River has a sign indicating it is dedicated to honor Beveil Jarrel, a former Humble High School teacher/coach. To actually honor that man, I submit that it should be repainted and maintained or torn down. Being in such a state of disrepair hardly honors Mr. Jarrel’s memory and accomplishments. It has been an ugly eyesore for far too long and Mr. Jarrel deserves better.

Robert L. Gabler




Dear Editor:

It’s a sad day in Texas when I read about some of the candidates who are running for Humble ISD school board. One important point to make is that some of the liberal candidates are receiving money from out of state. Don’t Mess With Texas! One candidate who is running does not own his own home, has no kids in the Humble ISD school district, and does not pay school taxes to Humble. Another has past experience as a community organizer and has worked with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast region. Her experience makes me wonder about her convictions. My support is going to these conservative candidates, who have proved their dedication to making Humble ISD a successful school system for all our children. Position 1: Robert Sitton; Position 3: Angela Conrad; Position 4: Charles Cunningham; and Position 5: Martina Dixon. We conservative voters have proven what our school system needs is local candidates with a proven path and to keep Texas Red to continue with the board members who have made a difference in Humble ISD.

Lanelle Johnston


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