Dear Editor:
I am writing to offer my enthusiastic support for Abby Whitmire – Position 4 – in our upcoming school board election. Humble ISD is so fortunate to have a candidate that has shown a tireless dedication to the many communities she has served. I have known Abby for two years and I find her to be a caring, compassionate and intelligent woman who listens to all sides of the issues. Transparency and communication are huge concerns for me as we decide whom to vote for in this election. A new normal has emerged with respect to our school board in recent years. Some in Humble ISD would seem to honor the establishment positions first, and wider community interests a far-distant second. It is easy for our present board to say that “their interests” and those of the community are one and the same; unfortunately that does not square up with their “stay our of our business – don’t ask questions” attitude. To the contrary, while Abby understands the importance of the business and overall function of our school board, she has made the commitment of reaching out to residents and addressing their concerns her core platform. Abby knows our kids, parents, education and community come first. Abby has a B.A. in government from the University of Texas and has seven years experience working for nonprofits, public affairs and fundraising. She most recently worked for the Posse Foundation in New Orleans, where she helped to find economically disadvantaged teens full tuition merit scholarships to some of the top universities in the country. In a school district where one in three students are considered below the poverty line and 1,000 are said to be homeless, I believe that this kind of experience should put Abby at the top of everyone’s list as a school board candidate. It is time for some new faces and different perspectives on our school board. We need to bridge the gap between our board and the community and regain the trust of our residents. We need diverse and reasoned approaches to the many issues our growing district faces. This is why I ask you to join me and vote for Abby Whitmire!

Kristin Keating
via email



Dear Editor:
Hundreds at Houston rally demand Trump release his tax return: the self-proclaimed socialist marchers need to know only one thing: the IRS accepted President Trump’s return(s) and did not challenge them. Obviously, they were totally legitimate and no charges were filed. Case closed! How many of those protestors would publicly divulge their tax returns, if they in fact filed any?

Robert L. Gabler



Dear Editor:
I have a plan for the “wall” fence between the U.S. and Mexico that would stop the illegal traffic of drugs and illegals coming across our Southern border. First, the property must be acquired for a double, 30-foot-high fence with a 25-foot-wide roadway built between them. This roadway needs to be equipped with monitor cameras and seismic sensors that will detect any tunnel attempted under the fences.  A private general contractor (GC), hired to coordinate and manage this project, would award each segment to be built by an approved subcontractor based on their bid price and their ability to complete the specific segment within the specified time allotment. Each segment would be awarded based on the difficulty, scope and length of each section, and the size of the contractor company’s ability, so that when one section was completed, the entire project would be complete. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline was built over three mountain ranges, crossing 30 rivers under sub-zero temperatures using this procedure, so a wall on the Mexican border shouldn’t be a major hurdle. Our military personnel would be assigned to monitor the security monitors as well as operate the road patrols. This duty would be part of their military training exercise and personnel should be on a rotating basis, assigned to varying segments of the fence so the drug cartels could not influence any particular individual or group to turn their head.  This “wall” fence will prevent illegal entry of drugs and personnel from our southern border without the need to hire the additional 10,000 Border Patrol agents. This construction plan would be the most effective and efficient, plus the least expensive way to complete the fence. Congress has already approved a fence, so let’s get it done. I know President Trump can figure out how to pay for it.

Sid B. Nice



Dear Editor:
I am a Villager at the Village Learning Center. I want to thank The Tribune for your support of our 17th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Because of you, I can have opportunities that I otherwise might not have. Thank you for making each day something to look forward to!

Lindsey Stiglets. 

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