The Texas Right to (be terrible!)

Dear Editor:
The school board election is over. A few comments:
1. Congratulations to the winners.
2. Thanks to those running (who didn’t win) for their efforts and support for public education.
3. Shame on the electorate – a very poor turnout.
4. Sorry to receive postcards from the Kingwood Tea Party endorsing the incumbents and their warning to avoid “progressives,” whatever that is supposed to mean?
5. The most startling incident for me was a robocall the night before voting from the Texas Right to Life telling me NOT to vote for Abby Whitfield because she had worked for and supported Planned Parenthood. I was surprised, perplexed and upset. Did they suspect she would encourage the other board members to push birth control in the lunch lines? Or allow abortions in the nurses’ offices? Does that mean that others that belong to or support organizations like the NRA, Sierra Club, a local mosque, the VFW, or La Leche League NOT run for public office? They ought to be ashamed; their behavior is ludicrous and disgusting.

Tom Olson


Cool runnings

Dear Editor:
Mothers Against Cancer wishes to thank all donors and participants for the Virginia Gandy 5K Run & Walk held on April 30. We earned $19,544 … a 27 percent increase over our 2016 event!
We moved the event to a Sunday in April and discovered the following:
• We avoided the heat of September! The temperature was in the lower 60s.
• We prevented conflicts with sporting events on Saturday, but not with the MS 150.
• We made it easier for our members to work on the 5K and annual luncheon without so much activity occurring late in the year.
Thank you for supporting Mothers Against Cancer! And a very special thank you to Terrie Lee for once again chairing this event!

Bebe Turner
Executive Director


Lots of news
at Precinct 4

Dear Editor:
Precinct 4 once again hosted its Spring Creek Park Heritage Festival at Burroughs Park in Tomball. I’m proud to continue this new festival that spotlights the heritage of Spring Creek. Read more below to find out about all the history you can discover at Spring Creek Park. You’ll also find updates below about groups making a difference in our parks, tips on hurricane safety, and news about our Senior Adult Program. As a reminder, you can access past issues of Commissioner’s E-Corner on the Precinct 4 website. Visit Precinct 4 online to learn more about our road projects and upcoming events available though our community centers, parks department and Senior Adult Program.

Jack Cagle
Commissioner, Precinct 4


Smell the coffee and...

Dear Editor:
Wake up America! Do you not see what is taking place in our once proud nation where the people used to have a say in our government operations, where everyone was given an opportunity to voice their opinion, and the people respected our police and obeyed the laws that were passed? The liberal left, politically correct and socialistic activists are taking control and transforming our country into something far from what the Founding Fathers had designed. Liberal judges no longer interpret what the law says; they now rule what the law should have said in their opinion. A judge’s responsibility is to assure the laws are followed as they were written by legislature, not make new laws. States, counties and cities are allowed to make their own laws, but these laws must follow the overpowering authority of federal laws in place. We now have officials in state, county and city that pick and chose which federal laws they decide to enforce and these choices are supported by the liberal judges and news media. We currently have a situation in Houston where a judge has decided it is wrong to enforce the 

law that requires a person charged with a crime to post a bond or be put in jail until a hearing can be set. This local judge has ruled that if the person can’t afford to post bail, he or she should be released without it being required as stated by current law. Once again, a judge overstepped authority. When has a law ever been applied in the USA that depended on the wealth of the individual involved? Bail is required by existing law; either ask legislature to change it or enforce it equally to all. What happened to blind justice? The next concern we face in the USA is the freedom to express one’s opinion. This has been going on at many of the liberal colleges on the east and left coast, but recently it raised its ugly head here in Texas. These institutions of higher learning are supposed to be a place where the exchange of ideas and opinions are encouraged, but lately this has changed so that under the liberal leadership at colleges now, the only free opinion or speech that is allowed is by a speaker with the same ideals and principals of the liberal left. Any other speakers are protested, threatened and even injured if they dare to make an appearance. Is this the America we want for our grandchildren?

Sid B. Nice


The Tribune – good news!

Dear Editor:
Tribune, thank you for the stories that you provide in the local community paper. The story of Coach Charles West and his daughter, Arianna West, is heartwarming and inspirational. We have had our children read the story for themselves. The purpose of them reading it was to show them how a goal can be accomplished and obtained by way of hard work, determination and support from others. In today’s world, where bad news blankets most major news outlets, it is wonderful when goodness and joy supersedes negativity. Again thanks!

Yavonne Martinez


What a mess!

Dear Editor:
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana, “The Life of Reason,” 1905.
Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA): we’ve been hearing about it since it was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The replacement, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), is so awful that House Republicans are exempting themselves from it. The irony is, instead of fixing the issues brought up by the ACA, the AHCA instead makes health care more expensive for millions of Americans. The AHCA allows states like Texas, already opting out of setting up an exchange and additional Medicaid funding, to make matters worse by opting out of the few ACA minimum benefits like maternity care and mental health services, plus charging higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions. The House passed the AHCA 217-213 on May 4 without any vetting from the Congressional Budget Office. Now it moves to the Senate, where senators have been receiving angry calls from constituents, medical and hospital professionals and insurance providers, all complaining about the fact that this bill takes away health care from those who need it most. Instead they are turning those infamously false claims of death panels, still arising today, into harsh reality by letting corporations make medical decisions about people’s health; except today, it is not only for senior citizens as it was then, but for everyone whose medical costs have spiraled out of control. Why is “health care for all” so difficult for Americans to understand? Some people would have to give up certain things, but the vast majority would gain so much more. Our system is broken, yet no one is willing to fix it, despite spending more money per person on health care than any other country in the world. Yet we have little to show for the massive spending: hospital closures, emergency rooms in crisis, and people still have no health insurance.

Meredith Ryan


Remember when?

Dear Editor:
Remember that time Donald Trump was paid $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow? Oh no, wait ... that was Bill Clinton. Remember that time Trump failed to disclose Russian donors to his foundation before he served as Sec of State? Oh no, wait. That was Hillary Clinton. Remember the time Trump was business partners with Russian government? His company received $35M from Russia ... oh no, wait, that was John Podesta. Remember the time Trump scored $145M from shareholders of a uranium company that was sold to the Russians? Oh no, wait ... that was Hillary Clinton again. Remember the time that Trump gave $150 billion to a terrorist state and a sworn enemy of the United States, then later shipped pallets full of small-denomination, unmarked bills to the same terrorist state and sworn enemy? Oh no, that was President Barrack Hussein Obama. (Am I allowed to say “Hussein” on this Facebook page?) Remember when Trump said it served justice to allow those under investigation to destroy evidence, taking a hammer to cell phones and laptop hard drives? Oh no, wait, that was James Comey. Remember that time Trump destroyed subpoenaed evidence by Congress and the FBI? Oh no, wait, that was Hillary Clinton. Remember that time Trump approved the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russians? Oh no, wait ... that was Hillary Clinton. With such a target-rich environment there, remind me again why we are still investigating Trump? Especially after a year of CIA, FBI, NSA and two Congressional investigations that found not a whiff of evidence. Is something else going on besides “following the evidence”?

Robert L. Gabler

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