Why Trump, still?

Dear Editor:
What I don’t quite understand is how people are still enamored with Trump. This is someone who blatantly lies, or contradicts himself, even within the same sentence. Why are people so distanced from Democrats? Why do you wish to have your health care cost more? To quite possibly not be able to afford health care, let alone have health insurance? Why would you want to defund Social Security and Medicare, so it’s not there when you need it? If Trump were to stop sending his children to everywhere in the world, we could afford some of the programs the Republicans want to cut. If Trump would not go to Mar-a-Lago [for] just one weekend, we could afford a program, like cultural programs that make up 0.02 percent of federal spending, for a whole year. Why do you want the Supreme Court to be so far right that people can’t see straight? Why do you want the internet monitored under penalty of prison? Do you wish to have no more press or media coverage? Do you want no more food stamps or welfare, so people will starve? Why do you want so many guns? You do know it’s a known fact that more guns do not make you safer, right? Why on earth do you want to be taken over by Russia? Why do you want banks to fail again so millions more lose their homes? Why do you want the auto industries to completely fail so truck prices double or triple? Why would you want prayer in schools?

Because if you do, you would have to allow ALL religions in school, right? Do you want the top one percent to get even richer? Do you wish for public schools to be all closed down, so that only a handful of rich kids get smart? Do you wish for a war to start to line the pockets of military equipment stockholders? Do you wish for the air to turn brown and the water black, and there be nothing left of our planet? If you truly disagree with anything I’ve mentioned, please feel free to show me how all of this is not going to happen under Trump.

Patty Pinkley 


Summer is here

Dear Editor:
Welcome to another action-packed summer in Precinct 4. In June, we opened the long-awaited Kuykendahl Bridge and kicked off Summer Movie Nights at Burroughs and Collins parks. I also proudly announce that Precinct 4’s world-renowned Mercer Botanic Center at Mercer Botanic Gardens continues to grow! Visit Precinct 4 online (hcp4.net) to learn more about our road projects and upcoming events available through our community centers, parks department and Senior Adult Program.

Jack Cagle
Harris County Commissioner

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