Thanks to all the staff at the Tribune!

Dear Editor:
Rotary hopes to inspire our members and others in the community to make a difference. Your newspaper’s reporting of the things that we do helps encourage this. I appreciate you sending this thanks to Tribune interns Macey Staes and Celine Wallace.

Alan Derby, president
Humble Rotary Club


Treasure Hunters

Dear Editor:
We are in our fourth year of the Kingwood Treasure Hunts (April Fool’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween), and New Year’s Day will be the Scavenger Hunt’s fifth year! We will start on New Year’s Day [at noon] to provide prizes to everyone who finds a token, limited to one prize per person. We anticipate awarding about 125 to 150 prizes, as we will have that many tokens. The tokens are placed on the greenbelt; they are not hidden, as we do not want anyone looking in the bushes for safety reasons... We, as always, welcome volunteers to assist and thank everyone that has participated or helped sponsor our activities. We are interested in finding a group or organization to take over this event and have found [that] if a business takes [over] this event, then it is perceived as that business’ event, rather than a community event. If anyone knows of a church group, Scout troop, women’s club or other community group that would like to take over this event – even if just for one year – that would be welcomed. This event requires about 40 man hours PER YEAR to administer, so the time commitment is minimal. We would like to expand the New Year’s Day event to invite other greenbelts in other villages to participate, but we need a volunteer to assist to get permission from the other villages and administer this. The goal would be to eventually place about 1,500 tokens. Thank you for your help and assistance.

Kingwood Greenbelt Team


Philosophically speaking

Dear Editor:
Anyone interested in the philosophy of science (POS) surely has heard of Thomas Kuhn, for he is widely regarded as the 20th century’s foremost philosopher of science. That status largely stems from his 1962 book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” A very interesting paper titled “Kuhn Was Dead Wrong re: Theories, Paradigms, and Falsificationism” recently was posted online at the Social Sciences Research Network. The paper is available at That paper should change many folks’ view of Kuhn, for it reveals a serious flaw in Kuhn’s POS. I highly recommend that paper, for it reveals much about science and its evolution.

Bill Bailey


Thanks, Tribune!

Dear Editor:
I am the director of coaching for the Texans, Kingwood’s soccer program. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and Linda Wolter on your staff for all your help with the Texans 04 Kingwood. I have already received several emails from people that are interested in helping the team and our soccer club. This would not have been possible without The Tribune newspaper stepping up and helping out. So once again, on behalf of the players and parents of the Texans Kingwood soccer club, a very big thank you!

Jimmy O’Sullivan
Texans Kingwood


Listening to those who like him

Dear Editor:
I hope Patty Pinkley’s letter of July 5 elicits more than just my response, because I would like to hear how others feel about her view of America in the hands of our current leadership. Historically, I have felt like it has been healthy for America to not have any one party in leadership for too many years, and I believe the Democratic Party had taken us way off center and much too far to the left. Our nation was ripe for change, and Donald Trump was at the right place at the right time. I feel sorry for Ms. Pinkley if she really believes all the negative things she says we are going to see as a result of Trump having been elected as our 45th president. I believe Trump has a personality that has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. However, he has strong leadership skills, conservative values and a genuine love for this country. I believe Trump deserves better treatment than he has received by the media, the entertainment establishment, and certainly a large part of the Democratic Party. I’ve always felt our president deserves a certain degree of respect, even when he/she may represent the other party, but for the first time in my long lifetime I am embarrassed to see what we and the world have been witnessing since Trump won the election. We need to give him a decent chance. No thanks to the news media, the good things Trump has already been implementing are getting little publicity. Fake news and false accusations continue to fuel the manic behavior seen by those who dominate the majority of our evening news hours. Throughout all of the fake news reports and unfounded accusations, Fox News has brought us more balanced news and what I believe to be a more truthful picture of who Trump is and what he is trying [to] help us to accomplish. I wonder if Ms. Pinkley has allowed herself to even view Fox News. If not, perhaps doing so might help her to grow some respect for our president, and even learn to appreciate some of the reasons so many of us felt he deserved our conservative votes.

Jay Gardner


I’ll be happy to answer your questions

Dear Editor:
Patty Pinkley wrote asking the readers multiple questions, [and I’m] happy to respond: What I don’t understand is how people are still enamored with Trump. His agenda, throwing back, not just taking it. Why are people so distanced from Democrats? No attempt to include everyone, believe American taxpayer bank is bottomless, pander to population segments, never negotiate policy, instead [an] all or nothing stance, vitriolic discourse with hypocrisy, [and] believing slang phrases matter. Why do you wish to have your health care cost more? I don’t, struggling now. Premiums and deductibles have increased twice before I can use 80/20 percent, and premiums rise next year again. Affordable health care? If Trump were to stop sending his children, we could afford programs Republicans want to cut. Needed that laugh. Why do you want the Supreme Court so far to the right that people can’t see straight? Not a serious question. Do you wish… no more press or media coverage? This blurred news/opinion entertainment for ratings, not based on fact, I can do without. Why do you want prayer in schools, because if you do you would have to include ALL religions in school, right? Wrong. Where has lack of prayer improved school conditions? Each question you pose is some tired talking point with little original thought. You asked: “If the reader truly disagrees with anything mentioned, please show me how all of this is not going to happen under Trump?” Too many trees in the way for you. An open mind, we might find common ground. Then again, maybe I would have taken your point of view if the other candidate had won; never accepted her in any manner either. Nah, I don’t deal in what ifs …

J. Barbato
via email

Re: “Why Trump, still?”

Dear Editor:
Is Patty Pinkley for real or simply an aberration of the DNC?

Bob Gabler


Enamored with Trump

Dear Editor:
It is so refreshing to have a president who finally tells the truth, who really works for the taxpayers of United States, who is compassionate to those who truly need a hand up, and [is] concerned for the men and women who sacrificed so much for this great country. He is working to secure our borders and protect our country from those evil and self serving within our country and abroad. I am tired of seeing and reading all the hate-filled lies from the “not my president” people because they either are politically motivated or are on the government dole and other people that live off the hard-working citizens of this country. Regarding Ms. Pinkley’s statements: “We could fund programs that Republicans want by stopping travel of his family.” All presidents are allowed travel for their family and to have a staff. The previous First Lady traveled extensively with her family and staff. She paid nearly $1.5 million a year to her staff. That could have bought a lot of diabetic meds for the poor, huh? Another scare tactic by the left. Thank God we have a more centered Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is there to protect the Constitution, not to rewrite it. “Trump will make more poor and increase food stamps and welfare.” That is laughable. President Obama has that title and will hold it from now on. He increased the number of food stamp and welfare recipients more than any president. I’m really hoping for some defunding there along with cuts to government housing. When hard-working people can’t live and eat as good as the people on government programs, there is a problem. To address the statement about guns, I’ll just say I’m glad we live in Texas and not some place like Chicago which has a gun ban and one of, if not the highest, gun crime rates in our country. The EPA lies never end. The Left uses the environment to collect taxes from trusting citizens all over the world. Some regulations are good, but when you let a government program cause stagnation of growth of business and welfare of its people, it is time to dial it back. The United States is not ruled by the government and its programs, it is ruled by the people the government represents. This is why I’m enamored by Trump; finally someone who is not a politician for government growth but a president for the people and by the people.

Bobby Pattillo


Lies, deflections, meanness, incompetence and ego!

Dear Editor:
Not a day goes by without some report that casts doubt on the ethics, sanity and judgment exercised by the president. His lowly personal attack on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinsk was beneath the dignity of the office of the president and included a morally indefensible personal attack on a woman. Will we continue to be silent? The president and the White House attack all unfavorable press as fake news from the fake media. They are silencing the White House press corps by cutting back drastically on televised press briefings. Will we continue to be silent about this attack on our democracy? The president is supposed to set our country on long-term goals and not focus on short-term or transactional dealings. People rightly criticize corporate CEOs for considering only the current and next quarterly results without looking to the long-term future of a corporation, yet we remain silent about the president’s deal-oriented focus which, unfortunately, also includes shifting, erratic and illogical deviations and machinations. Why are we accepting this? The president backed out of the global climate-change agreement because he wanted to bring coal jobs back. He has eviscerated environmental regulations in order to bring coal back.
The president is backing the Obamacare repeal and replacing it with legislation that will remove health care access to 22 million Americans, will give the very rich $300 billion in tax breaks and rob Medicaid of $800 billion. And finally, the president is shrugging off the Russian interference in our election process because to accept it would mean that he won the election unfairly. The president says let’s just move on – we don’t need to punish the Russians for interfering. As a matter of fact, let’s join with Russia to prevent future cyber attacks. This is indeed like joining with a burglar to figure out how to prevent your home from being burglarized by him again. Mr. President, please stop this madness for the sake of our country.

B. Z.Karachiwala

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