Free will is a gift

Dear Editor:
In response to the “Science and Religion” editorial in the Oct. 18 edition, I do not agree with the writer’s (Bill Bailey’s) conclusion that “prayer is futile.” God gave us “free will” but wants us to live a life of faith that glorifies Him. The purpose of prayer and worship is to talk to God, seek his counsel, get closer to him, and ask for the strength and wisdom to deal with the many challenges and obstacles we face in the physical world. Jesus taught us the “Our Father” prayer in which we pray “Your will be done.” Not OUR will, but HIS will. A common misconception with prayer is that it serves as a wish list where we ask for God to do certain things for us and to intervene in our world. Bad things happen in this world (some people use their free will to kill others, as we see in the newspaper every day), but that does NOT mean that prayer does not work. You cannot “pray away” death for yourself or a loved one, at least not in the conventional sense. We all experience death in the physical world. God wants us to use our free will to choose an eternal life with him; that is why we pray “Your will be done” (using OUR free will to choose HIS path). Free will is a gift but also an incredible responsibility; any parent that has granted freedom to their child can relate to this. The writer uses the results of the physical world to conclude that prayers did not work. God gave us science to better understand the physical world and to improve our quality of life on earth, but it cannot be applied to the spiritual world where the same measurables do not exist.

Mark Fisk


My paper

Dear Editor:
The late Thomas Kuhn was a Harvard-educated Ph.D. in theoretical physics whom many regard as the 20th century’s foremost philosopher of science. His 1962 book (titled “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”) was something of a sensation, and it became the most widely read book in American universities. Kuhn’s reputation was based largely on the philosophy of science (POS) presented in that book. In 1982, the History of Science Society awarded Kuhn the George Sarton Medal. Kuhn also received some honorary doctorates. Within the POS community, Kuhn achieved god-like status.
Unfortunately for Kuhn and his followers, his POS is fatally flawed. The flaws went undetected until I exposed them. My paper (titled “Kuhn Was Dead Wrong re Theories, Paradigms and Falisificationism”) is available online ( at the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). The POS long has been my intellectual hobby. Instead of taking philosophy courses, I bought books (by Karl Popper, Albert Einstein and Kuhn) and began reading. I solved the Kuhn problem in 2007. I wrote the paper in 2008 and submitted it to 3 POS journals. All three rejected my paper, with one journal giving no reason for the rejection. I then did nothing more with my paper until June 2017, when an academician friend suggested that I post it on SSRN. I posted it there on June 26, so it has been available for more than four months. In early July, I notified 81 chairs of philosophy departments at U. S. universities of my paper’s online availability. My paper seems to have left philosophers of science speechless, for I have received no comments on my paper, despite it being fairly widely read (per SSRN statistics). If science and its evolution interest you, then you should read my paper.

Bill Bailey


Yes, advertising works!

Dear Editor:
To the Kingwood Service Association: The Sand Creek Community Yard Sale was a flop. You never advertised it – you never put signs up at the Sand Creek entrances. It was never on Kingwood Yard Sales. It was not in The Tribune or on the October calendar of events. When our friends went to the office behind Chase Bank, no one knew anything. What are we paying you for? Community garage sale advertising was alloted $200 and never spent!

Name Withheld by Request

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