Dear Editor:
The abuse that many young female gymnasts encountered at Michigan State University (MSU), the Karolyi Ranch, and elsewhere transcends sexual abuse. They also encountered verbal and psychological abuse from coaches and trainers. The lack of effective oversight at MSU has led to its president resigning as university president ($750,000 annual salary), while retaining her MSU position as a tenured full professor. Academic mismanagement transcends MSU. That mismanagement sometimes results in a faculty member being abused verbally and/or psychologically by other faculty members or students. I encountered such abuse at several universities, including UCLA, the University of Illinois, and Ohio State University. The abuse drove me from academe, thereby ruining my academic career! My book “Education and Its Management” has two parts. Part 1 presents my thoughts on pedagogy along with advice to students on a better way to subtract than the one schools teach, study strategy, the right way to take reading-comprehension exams, and other topics. Part 2, which describes the managerial incompetence and abuse that I encountered in academe, is a horror story. The late award-winning author, Robert B. Parker, Ph.D., was a tenured full professor at Northeastern University, but he quit academe. Later, he was interviewed for a book on mystery-story writers. When asked about academe, Parker said, “I’d been in the infantry in Korea and met some pretty bad people, but many, maybe most, of the people I met in university life were the worst people I’d ever met. […] Now and then you find a really good person in academia, but not often enough.” Amen! I wonder how many young girls’ gymnastics dreams were shattered because they quit gymnastics to escape the verbal, psychological, and/or sexual abuse they experienced. Ditto for those who quit academe, as I did.

Bill Bailey


Keep recycling

Dear Editor:
Thank you for the articles on recycling. This just became a very important issue since China has severely restricted its acceptance of our recycling.

Herlinda Gonzalez
via email



Dear Editor:
As a longtime resident of Kingwood and reader of your “The Tribune” publication, I am writing you to express my displeasure, and often feelings of being offended, by your constant publishing of Bill Bailey’s comments. Mr. Bailey’s comments, although guaranteed by our right to free speech, is not only consistently offensive to those of the Christian faith, very much biased, but also appears to be a “regular” to the column. Are there no other people in the community writing commentaries to your paper? Is your publication not committed to fair and balanced representation of opinions to the community?

Tony Fernandez
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Back to Basics

Dear Editor:
First, let me tell you “I love this country!” Always have; always will! But folks, we are getting too close to the edge in northeast Houston. It doesn’t take an Albert Einstein to foresee what is happening. The traffic is ridiculous; speeding is rampant; structures [are] going up at unprecedented rates. And that alone scares me, my family, my children and our neighbors … and their children. We need to get back to basics. And for starters … stop the texting, checking emails and talking on your cell phone while driving. And since when does every single person appear to drive their own automobile? Why not use those 4-5 unused seats in the vehicle? It’s called “car-pooling” or even “giving your friends a ride,” saving $$ and thinning out that traffic. Next, stop speeding, everybody! Think ahead; start early. Speed limits have a purpose. Lower mph means better mileage, less stress on your brakes, and less serious injuries or even deaths if a collision should happen. And for those guys driving their faster-than-necessary, blaring-muffler cycles, trucks and cars … Hey! have some respect for our neighborhoods! I am completely fed up with off-the-charts speeding traffic on West Lake Houston Parkway. Where are the police who need to enforce traffic speed limits … especially in front of Pine Forest Elementary School? Prohibited cell phone usage in that stretch of West Lake Houston seems completely disregarded! And I feel for the children being housed daily in the plethora of daycares – almost detention facilities – away from home care and home schooling … where a mom’s true love, affection and caring occurs! Too much television advertising and internet usage encourages us to accept these things! New drugs, new cures, new cell phones, TV networks, Redbox movies, soccer, band, sports, zounds! What ever happened to church on Sunday, Boy Scouts doing a Good Turn Daily and hand cranking an ice-cream freezer? America, where are we going? And so violently fast? Give me peace and quiet. When is the last time you showed your family a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Too busy in line at Whataburger or Sonic? (I thought so!) Think about it!

Name Withheld By Request

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