A questioning soul

Dear Editor:
Per Tony Fernandez (Your Turn, 2-14-2018), my “biased” letters “consistently offend those of the Christian faith.” I love to learn, which is to replace an inferior idea with a better one. If all I ever read are ideas that I already hold, then I will learn nil. So I welcome new ideas. I don’t immediately accept a new idea; instead, I think about it, and I try to find evidence that refutes it. That is, I think critically about the new idea. Critical thinking and religious thinking are exact opposites. Religious pedagogues tell the flock to believe their holy book’s every word, for it’s God’s word, and God is perfect; ergo, the holy book cannot contain any false statements; so just accept it as true. Can you imagine a scientist telling his colleagues, “Don’t test my new theory; just accept it as true.?” That scientist would be laughed out of his profession. Holy-book religion (HBR) has caused the deaths of millions of men, women and children, including infants. Tony Fernandez’s God even ordered such killing (1 Samuel, 15:3)! Every HBR teaches these principles: (1) “Our way is the only way.” and (2) “If you don’t see things our way, then you’re an unfit human being.” Example: Texas’s Constitution, Article 1, Section 4 effectively says, “There shall be no religious test for one to hold public office in Texas, ‘provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.’” Those last nine words basically say, “If you don’t see things our way (i.e., if you’re an atheist), then you’re unfit to hold public office in Texas.” Texas is a majority-Christian state; so Christian thought produced that rubbish, which violates the U. S. Constitution’s freedom-of-religion guarantee.

Bill Bailey


Skip the ones you don’t like

Dear Editor:
In response to Tony Fernandez’s letter complaining about Bill Bailey’s letters, I recommend he do as I do. I like Mr. Bailey’s letters but there are some writers’ views I don’t like. I simply go to the bottom of the letter and see who wrote it. I skip the ones I don’t like. Problem solved.

Michael Eheman
via email


Paving paradise!

Dear Editor:
Two-plus years ago, I submitted a letter to the editor citing the consequences of razing so much of what remained at that time of Humble’s ever-shrinking, watershed forest land. Since that time, hundreds of acres have been cut down and eradicated only to be paved over and commercial buildings have been and are being erected. The City of Humble continues to issue building permits that allow the above. Has the mayor and the City Council of Humble learned nothing from the ravages of Harvey’s flooding destructiveness? Another “Harvey” is very unlikely, but severely heavy rains cannot be ruled out. Forest lands soak up vast quantities of rainwater and add to the attractiveness of the area.

Bob Gabler


I love a parade

Dear Editor:
Here is a letter I sent to President Trump:
Most patriotic Americans support your idea of staging a parade to honor our military men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the liberty and freedom of the United States and our allies. Do not allow the anti-military zealots that seem to have forgotten past history that it was the U.S. military leading our allies that stopped Germany and Japan from taking over Europe and the Pacific Rim Nations. In addition, our military support has protected smaller countries from aggressive countries like Russia and China from invading into their territories while keeping the peace around the world. We do not need a parade of war machines for the liberal left to demonize to accomplish your mission. Each of our military branches have in place marching bands, orchestras and vocal choirs. The marching bands, honor guards and veterans of foreign wars should make up the bulk of the parade, but to be included would be the wounded warriors, men and women, that have been injured serving our country. Flatbed trailers would be included to transport soldiers whose injuries or age would prevent them from marching if they wished to participate. Special bleachers along the parade route for veterans and their families should also be made available. In addition to the parade, I would suggest that concerts be staged at various parks where each military branch’s orchestra and choir would perform for the public following the parade. To help offset the cost, free-will donations could be collected at each event. These gallant soldiers are in our military and on the clock; all we need to do is show them off to the public! I am sure that many vocalists from the music industry would gladly volunteer their services during these venues, such as Lee Greenwood often does. I think this celebration would not be complete without a fly-over by our Blue Angels. This could be performed following the parade while everyone is still seated. As for the timing, I can’t think of a better time than the Fourth of July so that we all will be reminded that our nation was founded upon our desire for liberty and freedom and also remember it was our military that fought to give it to us!

Sid B. Nice


Dear Editor:
I am happy that Dan Huberty is running for re-election by continuing to serve District 127 in the Texas House of Representatives. Having known Mr. Huberty and his family for a number of years, [I can say that] he is a devoted family man and remained active in his children’s school projects as well as supporting other students with their endeavors. He has served the Kingwood and surrounding communities well. He believes in securing the borders with additional state troopers to help combat the flow of those entering our borders illegally. He supports new laws to fight and eliminate human trafficking in our cities. Huberty will fight to uphold the 10th amendment as he believes that Texans, not Congress or federal bureaucrats, know what is best for Texas. We need to keep Dan Huberty as our representative as he has the experience and the know-how to get things done and is the right man for the job. My vote is for Dan Huberty to continue to serve in District 127 in the House of Representatives.

Lanelle Johnston


For Walker

Dear Editor:

I attended the February 12 Candidate Forum sponsored by the Lake Houston Pachyderm Club and wonderfully hosted at Amedeo’s Italian Restaurant. All nine candidates running in the Republican primary were on hand to introduce themselves and answer questions. I entered undecided.

With Congressman Poe’s retirement and the current political state of the country, the Republican Party must put forward the best possible candidate to hold this seat and support President Trump’s agenda. The coming election to represent Texas Congressional District No. 2 has never been more important.

That is why I think Rick Walker should be the next Congressman for our area.

Rick’s personal story is great. Using what little bit of money he had available, he was able to build his own business through hard work and determination. What I particularly liked about his business background is his international experience. As anyone who works for a major international firm can attest, we need representatives who understand the global business environment to be able to craft laws that will help America compete.

I learned that Rick Walker was the only candidates to reach out to members of the Humble ISD school board to learn about their concerns, especially on the flood damage to our area schools.

Speaking of flooding, Rick has some great ideas to help mitigate the threat of flooding, something of dear concern to the many of us who were directly impacted by flooding of the San Jacinto River after Hurricane Harvey. In fact, Rick was one of those whose home was damaged by the flood. I think having a Congressman who went through that like many of us bodes well. Electing people like Rick Walker to Congress builds the bulwark that America needs at this time.

Paul Campbell



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