Dear Editor:
Our father, Milton Salmon, Sr., was left without his father at a very young age, yet he did not let that be an excuse for not succeeding. He worked hard all his life. He was chosen by Sen. Tom Connelly to attend the Army Aviation School, which later became the Air Force Academy. He washed out of the program because he had a heart murmur. That heart murmur was not so bad since he fathered nine children. He loved us all so much that we all thought we were his favorite (but I really was). Dad was a man of conviction and courage. He married Mom at a time when Mexicans were not allowed to marry whites in Texas. When my parents would go to Parents Night at school, I used to get a little embarrassed because they would walk down the halls holding hands. I soon saw that it was a sign of his courage, conviction and eternal love for my mom. The best gift that a father can pass on to his children is to love, respect and cherish their mother. The song says it best, “I thought he walked on water.” Have a blessed Fathers Day.

Josie Robinson - Kingwood


Dear Editor:
Flood control has always been an important issue in Harris County. Harvey has added an exclamation point to this priority. Within the next few months, my commissioners court colleagues and I will come to you with a bond proposal that you will have the chance to vote on during a special bond election on Aug. 25. The Harris County Flood Control District is diligently working to put together a list of the most pressing flood control projects affecting the county. It is more essential now than ever for every level of government, including local, state and federal, to work together to protect our recovering region.

Not only do we need to repair our current flood control system, but we also need to develop new methods of flood control. Proposed projects like the third reservoir, home buyouts, expansion of our greenways, and drainage re-use could help prevent widespread flooding during our next big storm. At the county level, we approved new regulations to raise the standards for new construction in the floodplain. We also worked closely with Congress to secure funds to prevent future disasters. Please educate yourself about the upcoming bond election on Aug. 25. We live in a bright and shining place today, and together we can build an even brighter future.

Jack Cagle, Commissioner - Harris County Precinct 4

Dear Editor:

I thank Gov. Greg Abbott for his prompt and positive letter recently granting Harris County permission to set Aug. 25 as a special election date for the county’s proposed flood prevention bond issue. Although commissioners court won’t formally set the date and amount of the bond proposal until June 12, the governor’s letter clearly shows the importance of holding that election on Aug. 25 – the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey.

Although some prefer having the bond proposal on the Nov. 6 general election ballot, I believe Aug. 25 provides a far better opportunity for our community to educate ourselves, debate the issue, and make an informed decision.

First, Harris County voters are going to be making a number of important decisions at the polls before the end of the year – on the federal, state and local level. Respectfully, though, I believe the county’s flood bond election will probably have the most far-reaching and long-term impact of any of those decisions. And I think it would be a mistake for us to risk having that discussion in October and November, when so many of our neighbors will be focused on other races in the general election. There is no question that it would be a struggle for us to get our message heard above the din of so many other election messages. In addition, I fear that having the bond issue proposal at the bottom of a crowded ballot (in which many will simply vote straight tickets) will effectively disenfranchise many of our neighbors who will not continue down to the bottom of the ballot, where the bond proposal would be. Another hurricane season is upon us, and we are renewing our call for all county residents to prepare for the worst. How can we, as county officials, deliver that message with a straight face if we cannot show that we too are preparing? Instead, we are preparing. We will be laying before the voters a comprehensive, multi-pronged bond package that will help prevent the type of devastation we endured last year and will again show the world that when faced with a challenge, we in Texas roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Ed Emmett, County Judge - Harris County

Dear Editor:

“During the late 1800s and first half of the 1900s, many immigrants sailed by ship into New York. They would’ve been feeling tired from the long trip at sea and anxious if they would make it in America, often with little money in their pockets. For most people, the 93-meter statue on Liberty Island, Manhattan was the first thing they saw of the United States, and she told them this new land offered them friendship, hope, opportunity and freedom! This is why she became a symbol of welcome for the immigrants.”

Compare that quotation, especially its last two sentences, with the wall that Trump wants built on our southern border. I suppose Trump next will propose that we dismantle the Statue of Liberty.

I’m not proposing that we welcome everyone. Clearly, we don’t want folks like Hitler, Pol Pot, members of the Sicilian mafia or ISIS. Every country needs immigration laws, but Trump’s current position on immigration flies in the face of the Statue of Liberty and all that it has come to represent. I would hate to see us abandon that spirit. Let’s don’t forget that many of our country’s founders fled England’s 17th-century religious persecution. They came here seeking a better life, and many of those who are being persecuted in their home country also want to come here in search of a better life. That they want to come here speaks well of the type of country that the United States has become.
Bill Bailey - Kingwood

Dear Editor:

We are happy to report that the seventh annual Mothers Are Jewels luncheon fundraiser on April 19 at The Overlook broke last year’s attendance records!
The local community turned out in force to support this event, which was financially very successful and will support not only ongoing operations at the [FamilyTime] counseling center and the shelter, but funds have also been designated to go towards the purchase of a new, larger shelter.

We are so grateful for the publicity you gave us. Your generosity helped us make this FamilyTime event such a huge success. It would not have been possible without you.

Our heartiest thanks.

Elizabeth Burger - FamilyTime volunteer


Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for your sponsorship for our golf tournament! Your gift of e-blasts is a true blessing that allows us to put our fundraising dollars toward our mission of funding research and helping families of those with cancer. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children with cancer. Save the date for the 10th annual Walk by Faith 5K Nov. 11 at The University of Houston. For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Amber Bender - Atascocita

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