Dear Editor:

I love the article Tom Broad wrote about Lone Star’s ceramics program. Thank you so much for a very fine job of sharing its benefits with your readers.

Gayle Sampley Atascocita


Dear Editor:

As summers in Houston continue to threaten us with periods of intense heat and intermittent dry spells punctuated by drenching rainstorms, I want to remind you that Precinct 4 offers many indoor and nighttime activities for all age groups. Your community libraries also offer an escape from the heat and new books to discover. In June, I introduced my Classics Corner at the Barbara Bush Branch Library, opened the Little Blue Library at Mercer Botanic Gardens, and kicked off summer movie nights at multiple parks across the precinct. Visit Precinct 4 online to learn more about our road projects and upcoming events available through our community centers, parks department and senior adult program.

Jack Cagle Precinct 4 commissioner


Dear Editor:

I just want to take a moment and say ‘thanks’ for the recent, and beautiful, front page “Anchors Away” article. What a pleasant surprise for Curtain Call Cafe. We are so happy that The Tribune, along with the Nathaniel Foundation and Insperity, supports our artistic endeavors at The Nathaniel Center. Without the blessing of the local community, we are stopped short of our goals. Community theater depends on the community! We look forward to sharing some ‘Anchors Away” tickets with some lucky folks in the Humble-Kingwood area through The Tribune’s ticket exchange program. Hopefully, some of them will come out to auditions on Aug. 12 and actually experience Christian musical theater with other local actors, singers and dancers in “Anchors Away.” All of this because The Tribune is spreading the news … Our heartfelt thanks.

Brenda White CCCafe founder and director


Dear Editor:

My paternal grandparents emigrated from England to Mexico (my father was born there) and ultimately to the U.S. (settling in Marfa, Texas). My dad loved the Mexican people. When he would get very upset, he would return to Mexico for a while. He felt at home there with Mexicans. At my dad’s funeral, a Mexican told me, “Your father could speak Spanish better than any gringo I’ve met.” My dad died of stomach cancer. They kept him heavily sedated to kill the pain. While hallucinating, he conversed in Spanish. I regard Spanish as his native language, although he spoke English as fluently as I do. I too love Mexico and its people. I grew up with Mexican braceros who worked for my dad. Circa 1952, while in Pecos, Texas, he and three of his bracero employees went to a restaurant for lunch. The restaurant’s owner refused to serve the Mexicans. My dad replied, “If you don’t serve them, then you don’t serve me.” They promptly left that restaurant, whose owner regarded Mexicans much as Trump does. Trump has no sense of justice, and no empathy for others. On 4-19-1989, a woman was raped in Central Park. Five teenagers (four black; one Hispanic) were arrested for the crime. Before their trial, Trump ran a full-page ad in each of New York’s four major newspapers calling for those teenagers’ execution. They were convicted and spent years in prison before being exonerated and released from prison. Trump never has apologized to them. During the 2016 campaign, Trump said about Carly Fiorina, “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next President?” How insulting. Those who voted for Trump must have been temporarily insane!

Bill Bailey Kingwood

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