Dear Editor:

The other week on a drive home from work I noticed that another swath of trees had been cut down to make room for progress. This time it was on the lot that is near the Planet Ford dealership on the Eastex Freeway in Humble. Over the past years, many trees have been cut down to make room for the homes and businesses needed to provide for the people who are moving to the northeast section of the greater Houston area. I know we will eventually lose all the trees along Townsen Blvd. behind Costco as that area expands. This is a result of Texas’ business-friendly environment bringing more people to the area. I have to admit that I am part of this problem, my company having relocated my job here in 2014. Now, my family is very happy to be here. This is a great place to live. Mrs. Campbell doesn’t miss the New Jersey winters at all. And I enjoy being able to ride my bicycle on Kingwood’s greenbelt trails all year long. But, the unplanned growth coming to what will soon be the third-largest metropolitan area in the country is changing the area environment for the worse in some ways. I hate to see so many trees cut down. The housing developments often have large homes on tiny lots with precious little green, perhaps a suburban telltale that Malthus was right all along. When selecting a place to live, I was impressed with Kingwood because it is so green. To be surrounded by the elements of nature is good for the human soul. I wish that more emphasis was placed on the preservation of greenery as the new buildings are constructed.

Paul Campbell



Dear Editor:

A year ago, the rain began and continued over the next several days. When it finally stopped, so many in our community, as well as Mercer, had been under water up to 8-10 feet in some areas. Today, the Gardens and Arboretum have reopened, several new gardens have made their debut – in fact, on Monday, Aug. 27, the Tropical Garden opened – a project five years in the making – and more is on the near horizon. We have come a long way since where we were 365 days ago. We have so many to thank. Much of our progress is due in great measure to our members, volunteers, Mercer Garden staff and Harris County Precinct 4 and of course, you, our supporters. We still have a way to go, but with your continued support and encouragement, we will be “better than ever.” In remembrance of your kindness and to show our gratitude for everyone’s generosity, we have a gift waiting for you at The Mercer Society Gift and Plant Shop. We will be redeeming Mercer Bucks. This coupon is good for $5 off your purchase of $25 at the gift shop and goes higher in ascending increments. On behalf of The Mercer Society’s Board of Directors, we hope you will accept this humble token of our appreciation. Thank you for making such a huge difference!

Maryanne Esser
President of the Board of Directors
The Mercer Society


Dear Editor:

To Louise Wilson (Aug. 15 letter): As Maria Callas said, “When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I’m slipping.”

Bill Bailey


Dear Editor:

There have been numerous crimes alleged during the 2016 election and very few have been prosecuted to date for reasons I cannot comprehend. One deliberate and admitted crime was committed by Peter Strzok and widely reported in all of the U.S. media. Former FBI Director James Comey's investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal found that she was guilty of "gross negligence" by not safeguarding classified data on her private server (another federal crime). It was reported by the media the FBI's Strzok changed the wording of Comey's investigation from gross negligence to "extremely careless" and Comey accepted that change in his final report and Attorney General Lorette Lynch concurred. That specific change negated what was clearly a violation of a federal statute and would have required a criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton, then a candidate for POTUS. Strzok repeated under oath that his hatred/contempt of then-candidate Donald Trump had no effect of his performance. The above proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he committed perjury before Congress! That, among other statements by him, clearly constitute obstruction of justice. In one of the text exchanges between Strzok and his FBI paramour, she stated: "The POTUS wants to know all that we are doing." As of now, Comey, Deputy Director McCabe, and Strzok have all been terminated from the FBI for cause. Conspiracy or not, criminal indictments must be sought against these participants if justice is to prevail in the U.S.A.
Robert L. Gabler

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