Dear Editor:

China has been building up their country and their military for years and they are doing it on our money and technology. I spent some time in China years ago and remember we had to give them 51 percent of the oilfield service company we built in China to operate there. China then built a factory within eyesight of our base and built copies of our trucks and even painted them the same color! As part of our joint venture agreement, we had to train the Chinese employees. As soon as they could operate the equipment they manufactured, they started to provide the services and/or jobs the joint venture company offered that they could perform. My company brought many Chinese people to our Houston research, manufacturing and training facilities. The Chinese employees, whenever unobserved, would copy any and everything they could get their hands on and send this information back to China. I have a friend that worked with the one of the largest construction companies in the U.S. that had projects ongoing in China and they too had Chinese people working in their Houston offices. They discovered many of these employees were staying after hours and copying any and all documents they could get their hands on. They had to mandate a policy to escort all employees out, lock the copiers, and secure the buildings after closing to protect their intellectual properties. We borrow all kinds of money from China and they currently hold $1.3 trillion of U.S. debt, yet the U.S. taxpayers are asked to give them foreign aid. The totals are still being added up, but it is $43 million plus in 2017. The Chinese are stealing our technology, making the products with their cheap labor, and selling it back to us and our worldwide customers, and we let them get away with it because our lame Congress has had their hands out and their eyes closed. China has its goal to be dominant in the world and we currently have a trade imbalance with them of $376 billion. Mr. Trump is the first president that sees the real danger and is trying to do something about it, but the U.S. better wake up and get behind him soon or we will be Number 2.

Sid B. Nice


Working on flooding

Dear Editor:

Last month’s historic vote ushered in a new era for our region as voters approved the issuance of $2.5 billion in bond funds to improve our flood control system. The funds give the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) the ability to make significant improvements to our flood control system in a shorter time frame. While some projects may take years to complete, my colleagues and I have taken immediate steps to advance 14 flood-control projects recommended by HCFCD. We plan to continue advancing priority projects in the coming months. In Precinct 4, my team and I work every day to improve drainage along our roadways. Precinct 4’s Road and Bridge crews work hard to keep ditches clear of debris, while our capital improvement projects division regularly oversees drainage improvement projects along our roadways. Visit Precinct 4 online ( to learn more about our road projects and upcoming events available through our community centers, parks department and Senior Adult Program.

Jack Cagle, Commissioner
Harris County Precinct 4

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