Dear Editor:

Thank you for supporting the 2019 Virginia Gandy 5K Run and Walk benefiting pediatric cancer research at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Because of your donation of $10,000 in advertising as a presenting sponsor, the 5K raised $14,000 to go toward research necessary to lead to a cure for all forms of childhood cancer. Mothers Against Cancer thanks you for your continued support of our mission toward helping children fight this dreaded disease.

The Mothers Against Cancer Committee



Dear Editor:

In the days and weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit in August 2017, the Houston area faced an unimaginable level of devastation and destruction. Families were forced to move from flooded homes, businesses were destroyed, and our city found itself in a state of shock. My district, Texas’ 2nd Congressional District, was hit from all sides. Seventy thousand households made FEMA claims totaling more than $700 million. But in the midst of the chaos, we saw something amazing and unique. Houston and the surrounding communities persevered and came together. Every day, ordinary Texans became heroes. Texans pride themselves on being self reliant. This is why we voted to pass a $2.5 billion bond to invest in flood mitigation projects. When we turned to the federal government and asked for help, it was because we truly needed it. Perhaps most important, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Office of Management and Budget need to release the congressionally appropriated $4 billion that our community desperately needs. Much of the Texas delegation in D.C. is laser-focused on getting these funds into Texas. We’ve written letters, put forth legislation and are in contact with both agencies regularly. A bipartisan piece of legislation cosponsored by members of the Houston region and the surrounding areas would release these funds within 60 days. A similar provision, mandating the release of funds within 90 days, was included in the $19.1 billion disaster relief package. That package passed the House recently and will be signed into law by the president.

Dan Crenshaw, Congressman
District 2



Dear Editor:

Just in time for some shameless political pandering to the LGBT community for “pride month,” President Trump renewed his call that homosexuality be decriminalized.  The legal status of homosexuality across the globe varies, so Trump’s comments are aimed at those countries, mostly in the Middle East and Africa, where it is illegal. My question is why open up a can of worms? In the United States, years ago, homosexuals asked for tolerance, and I would say that now they have it spades. In fact, the homosexual lobby in this country is frankly intolerant of anyone who opposes so-called gay rights. If other countries choose to approach homosexuality and other sexual eccentricities differently, then they should be allowed to do so. The conversation that can’t be had in this country or most of Europe is how should homosexuality be defined. We know that humanity has two biological sexes, male and female, and for the species to continue a male and a female have to, well, you know. Homosexuality is then at its core unnatural in the sense that it is not what people are supposed to be doing sexually. To think it is natural in humans is irrational. The best approach is that it be treated it as a mental disorder. That said, we should not be imposing our views, which are not based in biological sciences, on other countries. We know what comes next, so why should we impose such divisive attitudes on other countries?  

Andrew Gayre

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