Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Gayre’s letter of June 19 (“Why Go There”), his obvious disdain towards homosexuality can be summed up with his statements that “to think it is natural in humans is irrational” and “the best approach is that it be treated as a mental disorder.”

To his first point, social science studies in the 1950s found that homosexual behavior was observed in many non-human species as well as in a large number of human societies. Pioneering studies by Alfred Kinsey and others, for example, reported that 10% of males and up to 6% of females in their samples had been more or less exclusively homosexual in their behavior.

To his second point, Mr. Gayre is a bit late to the party. Studies by Dr. Evelyn Hooker in the 1950s concluded that homosexuality was not a clinical condition (ie. illness) or associated with any mental or behavioral disorders. Faced with this evidence and subsequent studies, in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from their manual of mental disorders.

Finally, to his observation that the “homosexual lobby is intolerant of anyone who opposes so-called gay rights,” perhaps that might be rooted in the decades of hate, abuse, violence, and yes, intolerance aimed at that community.

Art Howell



Dear Editor:

I write in response to A. Gayre’s comments on homosexuality. First, it’s clear to me that since neither Mr. Gayre nor I chose our heterosexuality, it is safe to say that gays didn’t choose theirs. As a result it is by definition “natural.” Creation or God is responsible for gayness, as is the case in the animal kingdom. To quote a FOX News article from 2009, “Humans have observed same-sex attractions in approximately 1,500 species, including deep-sea octopuses, dolphins, killer whales, crabs and giraffes. The entire dwarf chimpanzee species, one of the closest to humans, is bisexual.” Mr. Gayre classifies gayness as a mental disorder. I could make the case that homophobia is a mental disorder as is any phobia and requires psychiatric treatment, but I won’t. What’s the point? Let’s just live and let live.

Rick Seguin

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