Dear Editor:

The current immigration crisis – and it is and has been a crisis for a more than a year now, has been caused (consecutively) by: first-the masses of immigrants from Central America illegally crossing into the U.S.; next-the Mexican government’s passivity, allowing uninterrupted passage through their country; next-the total inadequacy of a secure U.S. border and the total inadequacy of detention facilities to accommodate such massive numbers of illegal immigrants; next-the refusal of the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives to: (a) acknowledge the ever-growing crisis, (b) denial by said Democrats that a crisis even existed, and (c) said Democrats repeatedly stating that the crisis was “manufactured” by the Trump administration for the past six months. Much belatedly and reluctantly, House Democrats passed a Republican-dominated Senate humanitarian bill to assist in easing the severely overcrowded detention facilities at the U.S. border for illegal alien crossers. At this late date (mid-July, 2019), Congress (both House and Senate) has not put together even one proposal to change/correct the absolutely needed changes in our immigration and asylum laws! And if that isn’t despicable enough, all 535 members of Congress are going on a month’s “vacation” at the end of July! Where are the TV news stations/networks, newspapers and radio stations demanding that “our” (???) members of Congress do their jobs? Where am I wrong?

Robert L. Gabler



Dear Editor:

Several of you have asked if Texas A&M University has plans for a tuition-free program for students from low-income families similar to what the University of Texas recently announced. In fact, Texas A&M University implemented virtually the exact same program 10 years ago. The Texas A&M program is called Aggie Assurance. And since 2008, the program has allowed 33,447 undergraduate students from families earning less than $60,000 a year to attend college tuition free. In addition, Texas A&M University System regents set aside 30 million additional dollars in 2018 to provide help for students of families who earn $100,000 or less, or who are stricken with financial hardships such as losses during natural disasters, death of a breadwinner or some other calamity. This program, dubbed Regents’ Grants, was created after Hurricane Harvey and has helped hundreds of students who lost books, clothes and transportation, among other things. The Regents Grants Program is available not only to students at Texas A&M University, but also to students at each of the universities in our system, about 150,000 in all. We congratulate the University of Texas on adopting a program similar to Aggie Assurance. I know their students will benefit from it just as ours have for the last decade.

John Sharp
Texas A&M University System Chancellor



Dear Editor:

Per the U. S. Constitution, each person is free to believe whatever he or she wants to believe about God and related matters as long as those views do not result in actions that harm someone. It seems to me that members of Congress are free to believe whatever they want to believe about the way this country is (or should be) governed, and those members should be free to try and convince others that those views have merit and should be adopted. It’s then up to the voters to choose the persons with the best ideas, and members of Congress can vote to adopt or reject ideas that wind up in bills on which Congress votes. That’s the American way, isn’t it? If it is, then it’s un-American for a U. S. president to say to a member of Congress, “If you don’t see things as I see them, then leave this country.” A clergyman said exactly that to Einstein (then a U. S. citizen) when the clergyman learned that Einstein’s religious views differed from those of the clergyman and others who believe in holy-book religion (HBR). Einstein believed in God as the universe’s creator, but he did not believe in the other elements of HBR, including prayer. In my opinion, Trump’s recent remarks [regarding] four female Democratic members of the House reveal a poor understanding of this country’s notion of freedom and how our system of government works.

Bill Bailey



Dear Editor:

Thank you so very much for your article for Rotary. Thank you for helping us spread the word about our Exchange Program. It is rated No. 1 worldwide and right here in our community.

Philippe Cras



Dear Editor:

I read Robert Gabler’s letter: “An Advocate for the Illegal” (July 17) and I was struck by his statement that the Democrat Party, in recent years, has severely lacked patriotism for America. How does this man put down every registered Democrat in the United States? Patriotism is many things, not just something that Fox News or Donald Trump tells you that it is. Have you ever taken a civics class or an American history class? The Republican Party does not have a lock on patriotism. You don’t like the fact that Nancy Pelosi was giving supposed illegal aliens ways to avoid ICE agents. That was being done all over the country; Pelosi was not speaking from a mountaintop all by herself. And by the way, she was giving out information that was legal. There are enough people with actual warrants that are in ICE custody that could be deported but the thought of agents doing a roundup is just more drama from Trump. I will agree with one thing: This is a very sad time for America. We have the greatest of divides in this country. And condemning an entire political party because you don’t like Pelosi makes me feel that you have no idea what America is. 

Serena Tripi

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