Dear Editor:

The term racism and endless accusations of racists is what is truly disgusting in America today. I am not an American neo-Nazi, a KKKer, a white supremist nor any such creature(s). I am a proud American patriotic veteran who, like our president, sharply disagrees with the congresswomen of “The Squad” for their anti-Semitic and un-American rhetoric. I was appalled at Elijah Cummings’ boorish yelling/screaming at the acting director of DHS last week as was our president. Trump’s criticizing of them had everything to do with their contents and actions and absolutely nothing to do with their races. To throw the race card at the president is so pathetically sophomoric at best and deliberately pejorative at worst.

Robert L. Gabler



Dear Editor:

Flood control remains an important topic in Harris County. New development, higher rainfall amounts and frequent hurricanes have sparked the need for new development guidelines. These guidelines, which my colleagues and I passed during the July 7 commissioners court meeting, will help us mitigate the effects of natural disasters and provide our experts the tools necessary to better predict the frequency of flood events. Visit Precinct 4 online to learn more about our road projects and upcoming events available through our community centers, parks department and Senior Adult Program.

Jack Cagle, Commissioner
Harris County Precinct 4



Dear Editor:

With respect to Robert Gabler’s post last week, we should be clear-eyed on immigration and resist being swayed by talk of “caravan invasions” or photos of tragic deaths. According to the Border Patrol’s own data, apprehensions on the Mexico border peaked in the year 2000 at 1.6 million and have declined steadily since. 2017 was the low point since then, with about 350,000 apprehensions and 2018 weighed in below 400,000, just as Trump was touting a crisis. Apprehensions have spiked to 500,000 so far in 2019 due to conditions in Central America, but monthly rates are now tapering due to hot temperatures. Containment issues at the Border Patrol (CBP) facilities are the result of this surge and due to an intentional slow down in the processing rate of asylum cases under a new policy known as “metering.” [In the] meantime, the undocumented population in the U.S. fell from an estimated 12.2 million in 2008 to an estimated 10.3 million today. Note that visa overstays represent 57% of illegal immigration versus 43% for border crossings. Those are the facts. Both political parties and the majority of Americans want controlled and orderly immigration. The devil is in the details and requires compromise. If politicians won’t compromise, vote them out. In a 2017 meeting with senators, Trump wanted comprehensive immigration reform (but later changed his mind) considering the following: strengthening border security, dealing with the issue of the dreamers, looking at the 15th Amendment allowing birthright citizenship, creating a tough path to citizenship for illegals (back taxes, English language proficiency, proof of income security, etc.) and also a guest worker program. Let’s get on with it. Once reform is complete, I would also suggest a national identity card for all with a chip and biometric data (fingerprint and iris scan) plus citizenship/worker status. No card, no job. Period.

Rick Seguin

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