Trump or no?

Dear Editor:

Per Sid B. Nice’s 8-12-2020 letter, he will be voting for Trump come November. Sid calls Trump a “smart, energetic business owner” who was doing a fine job of making America great again until the “Wuhan virus was released around the world.” Sid clearly wants us to join him in helping Trump be reelected. Sid, if Trump has done such a good job, then please explain to me why (1) the Bush family (all Republicans) are anti-Trump, (2) all 18 members of the Lincoln Project (8 founders and 10 senior advisers) are Republicans; yet they are virulently anti-Trump and are running anti-Trump ads, (3) Colin Powell Republican and retired 4-star general who served as the 65th U. S. Secretary of State from 2001 to 2005 did not vote for Trump in 2016 and has said that he will vote for Biden in 2020, and (4) the group “Republicans Against Trump” says, “We are alarmed by the anti-democratic tactics and flagrant abuse of power committed daily by Donald Trump. His actions are an affront to our Constitution and the Republican Party. He has created a culture of fear within the Republican Party as well as across the country, demonizing anyone with differing opinions. He belittles, berates, and ruins the careers of all who oppose him — including his own appointed government agency heads, respected military leaders and war heroes. For these reasons, we’re joining with other Republicans in Ohio to vote against President Donald Trump this November.” Sid, I’m looking forward to your reply. One last item: I assure you that none of those anti-Trump persons thinks less of Trump than I do.

Bill Bailey


Not a Trumper

Dear Editor:

It has been argued Trump is a smart energetic businessman who repealed many restrictive regulations that hamstrung our businesses. Trump did rescind or nullify rules protecting the environment, public lands, food safety, worker safety, chemical safety, consumers, health care, retirement savings, sexual assault victims, internet neutrality and privacy, and transparency. Top campaign donors directly benefited from deregulation but the price was paid by Americans who desire to breathe clean air, swim and fish in clean water, eat seafood without heavy metals, know their personal information on the internet is private, and ensure emergency responders are aware of the location and quantity of toxic chemicals and explosives stored in their neighborhood. It has also been argued that Trump brought manufacturing jobs back to the USA. The restoring of 170,000 manufacturing jobs in 2017, 145,000 in 2018 and 757,000 since 2010 has been reported; most during Obama’s presidency. Trump’s also imposed tariffs causing American companies to halt or delay plans to expand domestic plants, including Carrier, GE, and Harley Davidson. Over 140,000 retail jobs were lost between January 2017 and March 2019. Over 8,000 store closures occurred in 2017, 5,700 in 2018, 9,800 in 2019, and so far over 13,000 in 2020. Stores closed include GNC, Radio Shack, JC Penney, Kmart, Toys R Us, The Gap, Payless Shoes, Charming Charlie, Pier 1 Imports, and Sears. Farm subsidies jumped to over $22 billion in 2019 in response to Trump’s trade wars. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, attributing economic benefits to Trump for many Americans is dubious. The price of restoring a few manufacturing jobs was paid many times over by many Americans. The first COVID-19 case in US was reported on 1/21/2020. Trump’s focus was to shift blame, deny, and claim victory while death and infection rates increased. The results were peak unemployment greater than 14%, closed businesses, closed schools, mask mandates and so far, greater than 170,000 deaths. Are you mad about being stuck at home with your kids and mask mandates? The buck stops at the White House. While most of Europe and Asia has contained the virus, the USA has not. The “new normal” we are experiencing is a direct result of the last presidential election. That price paid by all Americans has been enormous. Trump has shown open hostility to religious freedom, sanctity of life, civil rights, free press, government accountability, and an independent judiciary. He has denied economic, climate, and medical sciences. This November we must choose whether or not to re-elect a post-truth salesman. I pray we all utilize facts to make wise choices.

Greg Hendrickson

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