I recently read about the discovery of a new medication to increase women's libido, similar to the little blue pill so popular with men. An investigational panel at the FDA has cautioned men who are rushing out to buy it for the women in their life – to put more life in their women – that there are a few side effects that come with what I would imagine will be the little "pink" pill.

Early studies of the drug revealed that women who had been given the drug called Flibanserin for depression began to exhibit strange new behavior, such as leaving large piles of laundry undone in order to pursue activities such as bathing, hair combing and applying makeup.

Some even failed to purchase their husband's favorite brand of beer, chips and ice cream while wasting the money on frivolous purchases such as new underwear from Walmart.

Male researchers who observed this new, unexpected behavior of the women in the drug trial, had the following response:

"Oh, wow, these are some hot chicks!"

And the lone female researcher said, "I'll have some of what they're having."

Upon receiving the results of the drug trials, the CEO of the drug company had but one thought:"ka-ching, ka-ching."

In time, some of the female participants began to exhibit unpleasant side effects of the drug such as low blood pressure and fainting. It was duly noted by the researchers.

A number of the women also expressed feelings of fatigue, to which the male researchers replied, "Tell me about it!"

Ultimately, the board of the drug company agreed that the description of the potential side effects would need no more than three paragraphs in a magazine or 10 seconds in a TV commercial. Besides, even the description for their eyelash enhancer and anti-fungal nail drug took two full pages in Cosmo.

While it is only a matter of time before this drug hits the market, the lone female researcher in the project suggested an alternative approach for men to boost women's libido:

Investigate the magical power of preparing dinner and cleaning the kitchen.

Bathing the children and getting them ready for bed can be quite the turn-on for a woman.

Cleaning the garage is definitely an aphrodisiac.

And finally, sweet words, soft music and this magical phrase turns women to putty: “They're waiting for you at the spa.”

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