I’ve never been one that cared so much for the really scary stuff that so often characterizes Halloween. Heck, I’m the one that avoids the Halloween aisle at our local drug store. Have you seen some of those terrifying rubber masks they put out again this year? Speaking of all things scary, this was the year I explained that witches are spooky to our special needs kiddo. The subject came up when Mimi and I left town a couple of days after that blasted hurricane. It seems that long sleeve shirts went missing-in-action from our suitcase. Well, it was beastly hot and humid when we left town, so naturally I just expected more of the same. Yep, and sure enough a cold front swept through the Hill Country where we were hangin’ out. We did find a couple of real cute Halloween shirts while we were in exile at the Georgetown Target. One was bright orange with the small black silhouette of a witch riding a broom on the front. It happens to be Mimi’s absolute favorite fashion statement. Of course you can’t make out the really scary part of the witch like the big hairy wart on the end of her extremely pointy nose. And there is not a chance you’d be able to hear the unmistakable cackle that witches are so famous for. Geez, the goose bumps are standing at attention on my forearms as we speak. I’m guessin’ that would make me a scaredy cat. After I put the shirt on Mimi for the first time, I held my hands out in front, fingers spread apart and flexed like claws, and cackled. “That’s what the witch on your shirt does. It tries to scare people,” I told Mimi. She got “it” instantly. Now every time we talk about Halloween, she tries to scare me. Mimi holds her hands out in front with fingers slightly spread apart. She can’t really get the flexing claw part to happen with her fingers because of the cerebral palsy. And Mimi’s cackle is more of a delightful squeal than an actual cackle, but you get my point. OK, so all that talk about witches got me to thinkin’ about my own witch experiences. I’ll never forget trick or treatin’ at the witch house when I lived in Colorado. Every neighborhood has at least one of those great houses that kids can count on to deliver the maximum scream factor to go along with their Halloween treats. I musta been in middle school back then when word got out around the neighborhood. There was this lady that lived a couple of blocks over that was scaring everyone in town. Rumor was she was a teacher at the high school, but her exact identity to this day remains a guarded mystery. The witch lived in one of those abodes with a large court yard in the front of her house. A brick fence ran across the front. Oh, and there was a squeaky wrought iron fence gate in the middle. You had to go through the gate and walk many steps across the courtyard to get to the front door. Actually, no trick-or-treater ever made it to the front door. That was because in the middle of the dark courtyard was a large, black caldron spewing smoke. The big draw was if you had the guts to make your way through the squeaky gate and mosey up to the caldron, the witch would give you one of her homemade candy apples … but not before scaring the life out of her customers. I’m sure there were lots of kids that night explaining to their mother why they had wet their pants. Of course, the witch did have a heart under all that black garb. If you were a little kid, she didn’t scare you. She’d just hand over the candy apple, pat you on the head, and you’d be on your way. It was probably why I took my little brother Carl trick-or-treatin’ that year. I know my mother wondered why I was so eager to drag my little brother out, but if you didn’t get there early all the candy apples would be gone. Remember … I said I was a scaredy cat. All I gotta say is thank goodness for the drive-through at the drug store. Remind me to schedule a little chit-chat with the store manager after all the scary Halloween stuff goes on sale and then gets replaced with Christmas merchandise. Dixie Frantz is a Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist for the past 12 years. E-mail Dixie with your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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