This is the week I usually write about the Frantz family Thanksgiving feast. Heck, at our house we’ve done turkeys all kinds of ways like roasted in a paper sack, smoked, toasted, dipped in bubbling peanut oil and we even ate a turducken a couple of years back. Actually, I was kidding about the toasted turkey. They don’t make toasters any where near that large. But you knew that. Just threw that in to see if you were paying attention. In these uncertain economic times of coupon clipping, incentive pricing, free shipping, the bringing back of layaway, and price slashing before the holidays, I thought I’d write about happy thoughts. “Mom, you won’t believe what just happened!” my oldest daughter squealed over the phone. I hadn’t heard Katie this excited since scoring four free kitchen chairs a few months back. Yep, the best part was they just happened to be the exact same four-legged beauties our daughter had been drooling over since first appearing in her Pottery Barn catalog eons ago. I distinctly recall it was a sunny Saturday morning when Katie noticed the pristine chairs while out power walkin’ her pooch, Abby. Someone, she figured, musta seriously upgraded their décor. It had to be why the chairs were placed right beside the dumpster in her Houston apartment complex. My guess is it took about 10 seconds before her plan was hatched. Yep, and it took her four lightening speed trips to get the heavy chairs back up to her second floor apartment. Geez, but the girl was one very happy camper. Paying her good fortune forward, Katie offered up her sturdy, cheapo chairs to the same spot beside the dumpster. Magically, they were gone later that day. I remember asking if someone had left a couple of metal folding chairs in their place, but apparently no dice. That was a special moment that certainly left me conflicted. Should I be happy Katie finally got the chairs of her Pottery Barn dreams? Or perhaps I might let her know I was slightly ticked on her method? I opted for making her cross her heart and promise to give up dumpster diving. But let us return to the reason for Katie’s current squealing. “Do I need to sit down before you tell me? I’m not going to faint, am I? You just won the lottery, right?” I exclaimed. “No way mom, this is way better than winning the lottery. I was out running errands when I noticed this ‘going out of business’ warehouse sale,” Katie began, barely able to breathe. The sign touted huge price cuts in designer clothing and shoes. All shoes were 30 bucks, skirts, dresses and blouses were 20. Got the hair on your neck standing at attention yet? Now you have to know my daughter. While Katie didn’t invent the word “spendthrift,” she certainly lives, eats and breathes it. When she goes out to eat with her girlfriends, Katie is the one that orders an appetizer with water and a wedge of lime, rather than the pricey entrée and adult beverage. And on the occasion when she does splurge with the purchase of an entrée, it is the cheapest one, and she only eats half and brings the rest home in a doggie bag. “They make those entrees too big. It will be my lunch at work for the next two days,” Katie has been known to chime in. Did I mention that the girl also has serious designer tastes? But like most workin’ young ladies her age, the pocketbook doesn’t match. It’s probably why the back room at Loehmann’s is her favorite girlie shop when treasure hunting for a bargain. “You should see all the cute stuff I got at Harold Powel’s in Meyerland Plaza,” said Katie. And I would … a few days later … as we both filtered through the racks and racks of clothing and tables of gorgeous shoes. It was the first time in my life that I can remember walking out of a store with two pair of absolutely stunning dress shoes for myself and only spent 60 bucks for the both of them. OK, so in keeping with the season … this year while the Frantz family is giving profuse thanks around the Thanksgiving table … we’ll be eating turkey, roasted in a paper sack and cooked to perfection by my mom. Happy Thanksgiving! Dixie Frantz is a Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist for the past 12 years. E-mail Dixie with your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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