The reason for the season … it’s something I’ve been pondering of late. I have to say I let things get away from me last year. I was gonna bake all these homemade goodies and pass them around to the nice neighbors on my street. My neighbor Nancy does that every year and it is just so lovely. Well, I did get as far as purchasing the festive tins. They are still sitting on the top shelf of the pantry. Maybe this year I’ll get all my quack-quacks in a row. Actually, I think Linus probably says it better than most during the classic Charlie Brown Christmas special. I know … it’s a cartoon … but indulge me. I was just a kid when it first came out in the mid-sixties. I still love it. Close your eyes and picture Linus in a heavy coat and knitted hat dragging his blue blanket alone to the center of a dark school stage. Suddenly a spotlight hits him. Ring any church bells? He gives this great oration about the true meaning of Christmas. If you need the cobwebs swept outta your head, you can go on and search for “Charlie Brown Christmas.” It’s all right there and delivered in just under two minutes. This year I challenged my Facebook friends to tell me a personal story about the meaning of Christmas. Got a few cute ones … which I’ll save for next time … and some inspirational ones. My friend, Tonie, told me how their family was scheduled years ago to spend Christmas in Dallas with family members before their big move to the Houston area from Oklahoma. Unfortunately, a big ice storm was predicted for Dallas. So they decided to leave early and drive down to Houston. The moving van was expected the day after Christmas and they didn’t want to get stuck in Dallas because of the storm. “So we arrive in Kingwood and start driving around to look for a place to eat our Christmas dinner,” said Tonie. Unfortunately, not a single place was open. Even the fast food restaurants were closed. “We were starting to feel like refugees realizing you can have money in your pocket and still go hungry. We really felt like Joseph and Mary with no room at the inn, when lo and behold, we saw that the Hunan Garden Chinese Restaurant was open! We were so thankful to be able to have a hot meal in a restaurant that we have been loyal to them ever since they fed us in our time of need,” Tonie said. The irony of the story is the moving van did NOT arrive in Houston the day after Christmas. It was stranded in Oklahoma in the same ice storm. Yep, they could have stayed in Dallas as planned. At the time Tonie, her husband and two kids didn’t think it was so funny, but can laugh about it now … except for the kids. It may take a few more years for them. Loretta told me about the year her daughter was born on Dec. 17, almost 22 years ago. She remembered how one of her husband’s co-workers offered to give her a ride on the back of his motorcycle to help hurry things along. And no, she did not take him up on the offer. “We were living in the Texas panhandle, then in a somewhat rural area. There was a huge snowstorm the week that she was born and the roads were terrible,” Loretta related. Her husband had to take off work to take Loretta to a doctor’s appointment that week because the roads were so yucky. “I remember riding in my warm and comfortable car the ten or so miles to the doctor’s office and bouncing over that rough snow-packed road. It was miserable. I remember thinking about how Mary rode on the back of a donkey many miles in the days and hours before giving birth to our Savior and being totally amazed that we have been given that amazing gift on that first Christmas,” said Loretta. Her daughter was born a couple of days later. When they brought her home from the hospital they put her under the Christmas tree and took a picture. “Having a Christmas baby was, and still is, the best gift,” said Loretta. Excuse me while I don my apron and get those Christmas tins down. I’ve got a lot of bakin’ to do. Dixie Frantz is a long-time Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist since 1996. E-mail Dixie with your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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