Am I the only one who has noticed the clever recipe videos on Facebook? There must be something to this new phenomenon or else my Facebook buds wouldn’t be “sharing” them all over the stratosphere.

I am certain you would know if you’ve hovered over one of these food videos. They come complete with catchy little music ditties. The one with the banjo immediately was an attention-getter in my cookbook. Their Facebook pages have names like Tasty, Cooking Panda and Tip Hero. Betcha $9 there are more. Just press the “like” icon for the page and more recipes will magically pop into your newsfeed throughout the day. They are highly edited and often from the unique perspective of looking down on a stainless steel or sparkling glass bowl.

Manicured hands are the only body parts to be seen. Do you remember Thing from the '60s sitcom “The Addams Family”? Basically, the character was just a hand in a box on the living room table. Morticia summoned Thing from time-to-time to perform a task or ask advice. So just like Thing … only two hands … no box. The fast-motion hands in the food videos quickly add all sorts of ingredients. Yeah … I know … if only dinner appeared that fast on the table every night.

My favorite videos stir ingredients around the bowl with a wire whisk. Don’t ask me why. Visually, the whisk is just way cooler than a simple spoon. It’s like the difference between a “Star Wars” lightsaber and a wooden spoon.

Oh, and did I mention the warp-speed videos typically last under a minute? Certainly a swiftness at which no mere mortal the likes of Luke Skywalker could slice, dice, chop, scoop and whisk a dish. And then at the end, some sort of yummy-looking entrée, side dish or dessert appears all prepared.

Baked Oatmeal to Go is one video recipe I saw made in a muffin tin that I plan on executing like Darth Vader later this week. The reason … I detect the hubster is seriously in need of some new weekday breakfast options. How could I go wrong with 12 servings and different baked-in toppings like blueberries, dried cranberries and dare I say it … chocolate chips? Seriously, it will be like landing on a new planet for breakfast every morning.

Over Christmas, I tried one of my personal faves … Ham and Swiss Roll-ups. Made with refrigerated canned pizza dough, it was a snap! Just unroll the dough, layer the ham and cheese, roll the dough back up and slice the dough down the length. There is a concoction of ingredients that is poured on top and then baked. Poppy seeds are the magic ingredient. Just saying. It got rave reviews!

The last recipe I shared with my peeps on Facebook was a “pretzel pig in a blanket” made with refrigerated pizza dough and those cute little cocktail wieners. I suspect that Pillsbury must be heading a clever marketing campaign. Let’s just say I’ve seen a number of smart videos using canned pizza and biscuit dough as the main ingredient.

Did I mention the pretzel piglet video is approaching one million hits? I have to admit the resulting dish was probably conceived as a seriously delish football snack! I didn’t do the pretzel part of the recipe but I did find it quite interesting. It involved dunking the dough- blanketed piglets in a boiling solution of water/baking soda before baking. As I sat staring at the video for the third time, it was … like … I had some kind of an epiphany. How come I never knew that the baking soda/boiling water gave the dough its “pretzel-ness?” Considering the number of hours I’ve spent staring at the Food Network Channel in my lifetime, it follows someone would have let me in on the technique.

What a combo … Facebook and shared warp-speed food videos. It is what’s for dinner.


Dixie Frantz is a Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist for the past 20 years. Email comments and recipe requests to . You can also visit Dixie’s blog at   

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