Last week we had a bunch of tile work done at our house. Yep, the old worn carpet has finally taken up residence at the local landfill. I loved my carpet way back in 1998 … not so much this far into the 21st century. 
For the past couple of years, I have awakened lots of mornings from sweet dreams of shiny wood floors in the family room, hallway and sewing room. But when the flooring finally made the top of our home project list, our go-to flooring guru took a sharp pin and popped my ginormous bubble. He kept steering his boat rudder in the direction of this wood-looking tile … for lots of reasons. Our dog, Lulu’s, claws being one of them. It was probably why I took a couple of sample tile “planks” home for auditioning purposes, but I wasn’t immediately sold.  
A few days later my lovely neighbor, Marie, and I were being our usual chatterboxes in the front yard. We talked about lots of things when I happened to mention my struggle with the wood tile. 
“We have it in the boys' bathroom and LOVE IT! Wish I had it in several other rooms,” she announced. 
Shortly after, I noticed the wood-looking tile on one of those HGTV remodeling shows. The idea slowly started to germinate like a bunch of bean sprouts. The long, narrow planks did have these interesting wood-grain patterns. Maybe it was just me living under a large boulder for the past couple of years. I really gotta get out more.
I have to admit the installation was a tad painful. With buzz words like floating, laying the tile and grouting, it felt like a long process. And since the affected floor areas were large, furniture and little stuff had to be scrunched into spaces they didn’t belong. I still have one television remote that is missing-in-action. The installers came on a Monday and left triumphant on Friday. Seriously, it felt like we were living in one of those trendy tiny houses, which is also an HGTV show. For those few days, I could totally relate!
If you haven’t watched one of the “tiny house” shows, the audience is basically young couples who love living in, on the average, 180 square feet of living space. Yep … that is about the same size as some budget hotel rooms. The teeny houses reminded me of the Barbie Dream House I owned as a child … and that would be without a dishwasher. 
Tiny house living also means issues in the dry food storage area. I suspect there wouldn’t be room enough for half of hubby’s spice collection, let alone canned goods, or a loaf of whole-grain bread.
If you put in any faith in the television commercials, the theory behind tiny house living seems to be minimalist living and cheap housing allowing for more travel adventures. On the surface, it sounds like fun. Watching the show, the tiny houses look absolutely adorable … and well … the price at well under a hundred grand is certainly right! On one episode, I did notice one tiny house built on a large piece of property … owned by parental units. I suspect it won’t be too long until we start seeing these tiny houses popping up in small backyards behind parents’ houses in the suburbs. 
The shows have names like “Tiny House, Big Living” and “Tiny House Hunters.” There is even one called “Tiny House Arrest” where two people have to live in one of those tiny places and not kill each other. The popular twins on “Property Brothers” are featured in an upcoming episode. I suspect this whole tiny house explosion has been a whole genre for some time and I am just now finding out. Sounding about as foreign to me as wood tile, tiny living is obviously trendy and cool. 
Bottom line … love my wood tile … tiny house living … not so much. Five days was plenty!

Dixie Frantz is a Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist for the past 20 years. Email comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also visit Dixie’s blog at  

Dixie Frantz
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