The Frantz family has been lifting our inspiration for a portion of our Thanksgiving feast from a tattered cookbook for probably the last decade. Yep … and we’ve probably created each of the recipes tagged with “five stars” a number of times. Perhaps we should mix things up. Isn’t that what our Astros’ Dallas Keuchel does with a baseball?

And that brings me to another big beef with the moldy volume in question. There is a serious lack of sumptuous desserts. I mean … in the infamous words of the late Julia Child, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” Wise words our family has lived by before knowing Julia ever spoke them.

So the hubster and I just happened to be hangin’ a couple of weeks back in one of those retail establishments containing pretty much everything cooking and baking. It was there that my left eyeball spied a potential new “Holiday Entertaining” cookbook to “up” our Thanksgiving feast game. I counted over 20 interesting dessert options in the table of contents. Of course we immediately turned to the back of the book. The chapter was entitled, “Sweet Endings.” Those two words kinda say it all … don’t ya think? Reminds me of the last sweet game of the World Series!

Just like when Jose Altuve hits a ball into the Crawford boxes, I could tell there were a few possible dessert home runs in our future. It started with the way hubster was drooling all over the tiramisu recipe. And yeah … he wasn’t the only one … so to speak … spitting on the baseball.

I mean … who in their left mind would have anything rotten to say about a gateau Breton with apricot filling … or a bittersweet chocolate roulade? Whatever the heck a gateau and a roulade are … I haven’t a clue. Ya gotta see the photographs to appreciate what I’m talkin’ about here. All I can say is that any recipe with nine steps and several special ingredients you will only use once in a lifetime has got my vote … if someone else creates it.

“Maybe this year we ought to forget about the turkey and cranberry sauce and just make desserts,” the hubster cheerfully said.

I know a couple of grandbabes that would LOVE this approach. Our daughter might have something to say after peeling a couple of little kids off the ceiling right after the sugar high during the 7th inning stretch. It was a crazy thought! But hey … the Astros won the World Series, right? Did I mention the hubster has waited since 1962 for this win?

So while his game plan sounded awesome … there was no way it was gonna happen in real life. That would mean Thanksgiving without cranberries. Our Katie makes the most delicious homemade cranberry sauce. I watch her make it every year and it is magic on the tongue. It would be like the Astros without Carlos Correa as short stop. Not gonna happen.

And what about our traditional yeast and honey-inspired potato rolls? It is my little sister Gretchen’s recipe that takes hours of preparation. Break the warm finished product open, apply a pat of real butter, and I dare you not to melt in a little puddle in your chair. The roll reminds me of right fielder George Springer. The yeast roll hangs out on the outer edge of the dinner plate, but is so important to the meal … and the game.

So after adding the basic turkey, gravy, taters, veggie and rolls to our menu … maybe we will pick out a couple of insane desserts and turn it into a grand slam. If the desserts fail us, we have a backup plan. In the infamous words of Cookie Monster, “Today me will live in the moment … unless it’s unpleasant … in which case me will eat a cookie.”

Dixie Frantz is a Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist for the past 21 years. Email comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also visit Dixie’s blog at

Dixie Frantz
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