So many days … so many ways to celebrate. Racing my index finger down the list last week, it seemed to me there was a “National Day” for just about everything. Geez, I noticed the National Day Calendar for April certainly contains lots of food items. Did you know there is one for the iconic combo of peanut butter and jelly, deep-dish pizza and coffee cake? Not all on the same day, mind you. It appears national marketing firms are giving the masses a reason to indulge. Do ya think the Sara Lee folks had anything to do with the coffee cake entry? I mean … how long has it been since YOU have had a hefty slice of heaven … or rather … cinnamon-swirl coffee cake? My point exactly. Admit it … now you want some.

My personal favorite day … has absolutely nothing to do with food. Bugs Bunny Day is celebrated on April 30. Who doesn’t adore the rascally carrot-chomping rabbit of “What’s up doc?” and “What a maroon” fame?

There is one day celebrated in April that I have a personal relationship with … National Columnist Day. Break out the coffee cake and sparklers! Oops … never mind! Actually it was celebrated last week on April 18, and also the day I cranked this column out, so it kinda counts. Our amazing editor, Sarah, requires her columnists submit their work the week before the paper is posted online and gently tossed on driveways. I love how she makes sure I don’t break all those pesky grammar and spelling rules. Just messin’ with ya, Sarah.

I’ve been furiously tapping on computer keys for the past 23 years … 461 columns and counting. Got one memorable unsigned “hate letter” years ago that stiffened my spine but also required two tear-wiping tissues. Valuable life lesson learned. What a privilege to have a venue like a local newspaper to write down humorous, and sometimes not, slices of life out in the ‘burbs. I will never forget when the lovely Cynthia asked if I could write “funny.” I was working for her part-time writing feature stories and such in a small newspaper office way back in the ‘90s when she posed the question.

“Geez, I don’t know. How ‘bout I write one and see if it sticks?” I said.

I also started blogging in 2012, just about seven years ago. It is also so fun. Besides the writing part of blogging, I love the “Stats” page, which kinda tells the blogger who is reading your posts. With the newspaper column you never know who is reading your column. That is, of course, unless you are gently grabbed after church, in the grocery store, or while pumping gas without your lipstick applied. Every now and then I count the countries that have clicked on a blog post over the past seven years. It doesn’t matter to me that someone from Mongolia, Vanuatu and Botswana has only clicked on a post one time. They still count and that makes it 111 countries to click on my blog. I totally own North America and Europe and am making great headway in Africa and South America. If you are a frustrated writer without a platform, be brave, start a blog, and write about what is on your mind. If nothing else, I have proven someone will read it.

Did I mention I recently hit over 1,000 followers on the blog? The hubster is so happy that little milestone was finally reached. Now he doesn’t have to listen to me whine about the painful progress toward 1,000. Yes … I finally made it over Mt. Rushmore. Does it count that my little sister, Gretchen, was my number 999 follower?

Life … it is all about the choices we make and saying yes to opportunities. As Bugs Bunny once said, “I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” I’m glad I turned right.

Dixie Frantz
Author: Dixie FrantzWebsite: http://www.lifesloosethreads.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I am a long-time Houstonian in love with writing, blogging, travel, quilting and reading. I have written “You Gotta Laugh,” a humorous newspaper column, for the past 21 years. The columns showcase the funny, amusing and sometimes touching slices of life from the suburbs. My writing credentials include more than 430 humorous columns, features and travel stories for The Tribune Newspaper.

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