I usually don’t make New Year resolutions. Nope … not me. They can be way too painful right about this time of year when you look back over your left shoulder and contemplate on where you’ve been. All I’m sayin’ is I know for a fact there were no resolutions posted on a fridge list with my name on it at the beginning of 2010. Of course then it got to be about March or April. Darn if there wasn’t this cranky little voice inside my noggin’ saying, “Hey, you really ought to do something about getting into shape.” I know what you are thinkin’ … those little voices can be really annoying. If I had my right hand up, and the left one planted face-down on the Bible, I’d have to swear I really don’t care much for exercising. Never have. Sure, I’ve been caught at the local Y on the stair-stepper machine with my two feet going up and down while thumbing through my nook. Read many a bestseller that way. Having time to read was definitely my motivation to exercise. Then I had a conversation with my oldest kiddo and actually got the “skinny” on my leisurely mode of exercise. “Did you know that if you are able to concentrate on a book while exercising on that machine you are not really exerting yourself?” Katie said. It was as if one of those new halogen light bulbs was trying to click on in my head but not quite. Did she mean I have to actually sweat moisture out of my pores? If Katie was trying to make a point, she was gonna need to come up with something a little convincing. “No way … you mean all that work I’ve been doing is for nothing? What if I switch to a treadmill? Can I walk really fast and read while on a treadmill?” I said, hoping I wouldn’t have to give up my multi-tasking ways. Katie just shook her head in the negative. It was probably a week or so later that I noticed a flyer on one of the bulletin boards at the Y. They were running a special for 10 sessions with a personal trainer. Now there is a whole wall of photographs of the personal trainers just before entering the workout room. They actually didn’t look like scary people, so I took the bait and signed up at the front desk. Of course I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into. Not sure how I got paired up with Elaine, but just so you know, she is awesome. Maybe they put all the PT’s names in a large sombrero and pulled a name out. I don’t know. Perhaps they got all the trainers in a room and had them throw darts at my photograph. I imagined that the closest one to my nose would win. Or, just maybe, Elaine was the only one that raised her hand when the PT in charge was asking for volunteers to take on a most difficult case. I like to think she raised her hand and was eager to take on the ultimate fitness challenge. All I gotta say is it has been months of hard work but I’ve gone from not having the strength to screw the top of the Ozarka water bottle to … one little twist, and hey, it’s off. Did I mention that my family is amazed at my feats of bottle cap twisting? That and 10 pounds have mysteriously disappeared from between my ears and other places. Oh, and I’ve learned how to sweat and get my heart rate above 140. This unusual phenomena usually starts pouring from my forehead. And most definitely on Thursdays when Elaine has me squat, lift, do sit-ups, push-ups and my least favorite …the plank. She is a taskmaster but so nice about it. So this year I’m going to officially post on the fridge my 2011 New Year’s resolution. Betcha nine dollars Elaine has the same resolution posted on her fridge. And that would be to get her challenging client to lose another 10 pounds … and perhaps I’ll even move up to twisting off bottle caps … from beer bottles … with my teeth. Happy New Year! Dixie Frantz is a long-time Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist since 1996. E-mail Dixie with your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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