“Where were you when the world stopped turning?” That line from Toby Keith’s song is going over and over in my head these days. Only my version is, “Where were you when the world went crazy?” 

At our house, we record all the television shows we want to see and watch them at our leisure. I don’t turn on the television until sometime in the afternoon or at night. I had heard that SXSW was not happening this year and I had heard about coronavirus. The cancelation of SXSW surprised me, but I wasn’t concerned about the virus even though I’m in the group that is most at risk. Usually when an illness develops, we are told to protect babies and old people. This time it’s only the old people that have to be protected. Still, I’m not glued to the tube or afraid to be around other people. 

My daughter came home from work on Tuesday of last week and we were having a relaxed conversation. She made a statement about something and I made a causal reply. She stated loudly, “Didn’t you hear, the rodeo has been shut down.” I was in shock. I turned on the television to watch the recorded news. 

On Wednesday I received a phone call from the assisted-living facility where a friend lives. I cannot visit him and he can’t leave; the facility is on lockdown. I glibly made the remark, “I would like to be told I have to stay home for two weeks.” 

That was before I heard that Good Oil Days had been canceled. I was still looking through old photos for the photography exhibit. Next, I was informed that Harris County had canceled all group activities through the end of March. My presentation on the history of Humble was not happening. Wow, my list of things to do was suddenly wiped out. 

My next step was to open my computer and check social media. That’s where I learned that people were fighting over toilet paper or that they had empty pantries and couldn’t find the basic food for meals. Really? What’s the world coming to? But when I went to Walgreens, sure enough, the shelves that usually were filled with toilet paper now held only two or three packages. However, other shelves were filled with canned goods. I wasn’t shopping for either item. 

This situation has had me thinking a lot lately. Am I that different from other women? I thought everyone kept extra food on hand and their refrigerator filled. A refrigerator repairman did make a comment to me about my refrigerator having food in it; that it would be difficult to leave it unplugged for 12 hours which he had just said I needed to do. 

As for my pantry, I think it’s almost full due to my distaste for shopping. That’s any kind of shopping, not just for groceries. It’s not due to an abundance of cash on hand since that’s not the situation. I just don’t like to shop. Therefore, I try to have enough food on hand that I can delay the chore for a week or two, longer if possible. This means that I don’t know what the situation is in grocery stores because I haven’t been shopping since the world went crazy. 

Where were you when the world went crazy? I was at home enjoying life as long as I didn’t watch television or check social media. Now that my activities, except doctors’ appointments, have been canceled, I can stay home and work on the long to-do list that I’ve been putting off. That should keep me from going crazy with the rest of the world. And I do remember, “This too shall pass.”

Julia Nation
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Julia Nation grew up in the Humble area and taught for more than 30 years. Email comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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