I thought that this would be extremely topical with the challenge in electricity availability that we have had recently. The 2021 F-150 got a refresh for this model year, and the truck manufacturers love to offer new features that separate their trucks from the other manufacturers.

Ford is offering three different generators: a 2.0-kW system that can be optioned into any truck with a gas engine bigger than the default 3.3-liter V6; a 2.4-kW system that comes with the new F-150 Powerboost; and then a step-up, the 7.2-kW system that is only available on the Powerboost. That is some serious power production and it is even possible to hire an electrician to set up a plug at your fuse box to power a portion of your house with it.

While the main intention is to power tools while on the job site, tailgating or camping, you can’t deny that it would be nice to have a 7,200-watt generator sitting in your driveway. Ford says that on a full tank of gas (30 gallons), the 2.4-kW system will run for 85 hours at full load and the 7.2-kW system will run for 32 hours.

The system is even controllable from the FordPass app. You can see how much load there is and if you are close enough to connect to the truck’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, then you can control the system and turn it on and off remotely. Do not worry; Ford has a secure idle lockout function so no one can jump in your truck and drive it away while it is running.

The Powerboost F-150 is equipped not only with 430 horsepower and a 570 lb. foot of torque twin-turbo V6, it also has a 1.5-kilowatt hour battery that is used to increase fuel economy and power demand. With a 12,700-pound tow rating, you surely won’t be missing the extra two cylinders. The fuel economy is the best of any F-150 as well, with 25 MPG city, 26 MPG highway and 25 MPG combined.

Upgrading to the F-150 Powerboost will cost you a few thousand dollars (typically about $3,200 depending on trim and engine) and the upgrade price from the 2.4-kW system to the 7.2-kW system is a no-brainer at $750.

Trucks have typically shunned away from technology that did not involve more mudslinging or crawling over a slightly larger rock, so it is refreshing to see Ford offer some utility that I can easily see benefitting a wide range of truck owners. This is a total game changer for professionals who need to run power-hungry tools in remote locations and a game changer for avid campers or tailgaters. The new F-150 Powerboost with Pro Power is certainly going to be drawing eyes from Texas shoppers who are interested in mitigating their future risk to power outages.

Wilson Calvert
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