What it is: The 2015 Camry has been heavily refreshed from the outgoing 2014 model. Toyota touched most of the car, and the biggest change is what everyone will see as you are driving along, the exterior! Toyota has given the Camry a significantly bolder look, and has changed most of the body panels on the car. The biggest change comes on the front of the car, with a large black grille opening leading the way. I particularly like the new side rocker panels that seem to be inspired by the Lexus IS which gives the Camry a sportier appearance. 
The interior hasn’t been changed as much, but higher trims get a very upscale stitching on the dash. The gauge cluster has been switched to an LCD panel as well, which is a nice touch. The audio and entertainment systems remain the same from the outgoing model, but they are recently updated from before and provide a great user experience. At the media preview event I attended, we were told that the 2015 Camry would be even more quiet, and I completely agree. All of the trim levels I drove provided a very enjoyable experience. By having less outside noise, the stereo system performs significantly better (as explained to me by the JBL audio rep in attendance) and they were able to tune the stereo for the car getting increased performance. I was honestly taken aback by how good the stereo was, and they did an incredible job with it. 
MPG: 25 city / 35 highway (with four-cylinder engine)
Price: Base price $22,970. Well-equipped hybrid $29,980. V6 models from $32,260.
Upsides: Legendary reliability and comfort. High value retention for resale
Downsides: None 
Wrap-up: This segment has gotten so competitive there really aren’t any bad choices anymore. You might have qualms about potential reliability or resale value, but there really isn’t much to worry about. I typically would recommend the Hyundai Sonata to consumers as my favorite, but the Camry is good enough to put it toward the top of the heap. I personally feel that a large chunk of Camry buyers would only consider buying a Camry (and that’s because they’ve only owned a Camry over the last 20 years) and it wouldn’t matter what Toyota produced. However, there are lots of shoppers that have been buying Ford Fusions and Hyundai Sonatas, and Toyota has made a Camry that is good enough to compete. Car development moves so quickly now that it is important for manufacturers to make significant changes in the middle of a car cycle (like the ‘15 Camry) in order to stay competitive. Consumers are more savvy than ever, and Toyota has done a great job to appease them. 

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