What it is: The 2015 Colorado is all-new and significantly different than the outgoing model. Chevy started selling this version back in 2012 in other parts of the world as it is more of a "right-sized" truck versus the Silverado for most markets. Texas however runs on the bigger is better system, and most buyers will certainly be asking themselves "Why would I want a smaller truck, especially when it's only a few thousand dollars less?" And while they do have a point, the Colorado is more truck than 95% of truck buyers need.

With a V6, you still get a 7,000 lb tow rating. The crew cab trim still offers comfortable seating for four adults. It's still a big truck! It's just not a giant truck that we've become accustomed to seeing.

So yes, smaller is better unless you need to tow above 7,000 lbs (Silverado V8 rated at 12,000 lbs) or want a slightly larger bed (Silverado Crew standard is 6.5' and Colorado offers 5' or 6').

The big difference you are going to see versus the Silverado is how easy the Colorado is to drive. It just felt really comfortable in traffic and parking. The new interior is great, and was a smooth drive on the highway. Even in a crew cab long bed trim I felt completely at ease parking in small parking lots.

Another improvement is in the fuel efficiency. The four-cylinder Colorado produces 20 city and 27 highway while the V6 Colorado is rated at 18 city and 26 highway. A Silverado V8 returns 16 city and 23 highway. A true size to size comparison would be with a truck like the Toyota Tacoma, which returns only 17 city and 21 highway with a V6 crew cab.

Price: Base proce $20,120. Crew cab from $25,205. $36,535 as-tested.

Upsides: Great appearance, right size, better fuel economy

Downsides: None

Wrap-up: Are Chevy Colorados, Ford Rangers, and Toyota Tacomas going to take over the truck market in the US? It'll never happen. People love their big trucks, and unless gas goes to $6/gallon it won't happen. Smaller trucks are the right choice for most people, but there's not a big financial incentive for people to choose small. You'll save $5,000 up front, and maybe 20% on gas each year but that just isn't enough. As I usually do in the wrap-up section, I will heartily recommend that you go out and test drive the Colorado and compare it against the full-sized pickup you had your eye on, I can at least guarantee you that you'll be surprised by what you find – a capable and easy to drive truck that can certainly get the job done. 

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