What it is: I think it’s easier to describe what the Power Wagon isn’t. This is not your everyday, city-slicker pickup truck. Dodge took their 2500 series heavy duty truck and brought it up another notch. The 2500 HD is already a stout truck, but Dodge improved the off-road capabilities significantly. They lifted the truck 2 inches, gave it 36” tires and changed a significant number of suspension components including new Bilstein dampers, locking differentials and even a front stabilizer bar that is electronically deactivated. Why would you want to deactivate your stabilizer bar you ask? It gives you even more capability to go over large rocks and boulders. As you can see from the pictures, this truck is quite large. It’s especially big when you are trying to park somewhere. The interior room and full 6’ 4” bed is appreciated, though, and provides more room than you’ll probably ever need. The interior cabin is so large that when I reached over from the driver seat, my arm fell not even to the midway point of the passenger seat. I tend to keep my cell phone in one of the cup holders in the center console, and it is quite the extended reach down there. This truck doesn’t come cheap (starts at $45,000) and you would never believe it sitting in the interior. Cloth seats, no sunroof and the middle quality interior of the three Ram interiors. All of the expense comes from the insane off-road goodies mentioned earlier along with other 4X4 enthusiast niceties like the 12,000-lb. Warn winch mounted in the front bumper. One look at this truck and you know it means business (and it’s got the goods to back it up). Dodge also makes it easy with your engine and transmission choices. The 5.7L V8 Hemi engine mated to a 5-speed automatic is your only choice. Fortunately the 383hp / 400 ft-lb of torque monster is plenty to get you wherever you need to go, and over whatever obstacle you come across. Dodge offers a unique two-tone paint job that will get you there in style as well. Price: Base Power Wagon price is $45,780. $50,920 as tested. Upsides: The Power Wagon is the king of trucks. When people say that they ‘need a truck’ instead of ‘want a truck’, then they get one like this. Downsides: The 30-gallon tank will make you shudder when you fill it up at the gas station. Especially since it only took me about 350 miles. Summary: The Power Wagon is not for everybody. My sister was actually embarrassed in the McDonald’s drive-thru because we towered over everything around us. I had to crawl most of the way out of the window to reach my bank deposit slot. That being said, this is a manly man’s truck. It will tackle whatever task you throw at it, from towing to tackling some of the nastiest terrain around. When the apocalypse happens, this is definitely the truck you want to have. Just hope that there are plenty of gas stations around to get you from bunker to bunker.

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